Organ, limb, arm, hand, finger, claw, paw, talons, tentacle, wing, oar, paddle, pincer, plier, forceps, thimble.

    Handle, hilt, haft, shaft, shank, heft, blade, trigger, tiller, helm, treadle, pummel, peg 214, 215, key.

    Edge-tool, hatchet, axe, pickaxe, etc. 253, axis 312.

  • Substitute (Substantives), shift, makeshift, succedaneum, jury-mast, pis-aller, see Substitution 147 and Deputy 759.
  • Materials (Substantives), materiel, stuff, pabulum, fuel, grist, provender, provisions, food, aliment, fodder, forage, prog, pasture, pasturage, see 298.
  • Supplies, munition, ammunition, reinforcement, relay, contingents.

    Baggage, luggage, bag and baggage, effects, goods, chattels, household stuff, equipage, paraphernalia, impedimenta, stock-in-trade, pelf, cargo, lading, see 780.

    Metal, ore, brick, clay, wood, etc.

    (Phrases). A shot in the locker; a hand at cards.

  • Store (Substantives), stock, fund, supply, reserve, relay, budget, quiver, corps de réserve, reserve fund, mine, quarry, vein, lode, fountain, milch-cow.
  • Collection, accumulation, heap 72, hoard, magazine, pile, rick, savings, bank 802, treasury, reservoir, repository, repertory, repertoire, depot, depository, treasure, thesaurus, museum, store-house, promptuary, reservatory, conservatory, menagerie, aviary, aquarium, receptacle, warehouse, entrepot, dock, larder, spence, garner, granary, store-room, box-room, lumber-room, hanaper, silo, cistern, well, tank, mill-pond, armoury, arsenal, coffer, etc. 191, nest-egg.

    (Verbs). To store, stock, treasure up, lay in, lay by, lay up, fund, garner, save, husband, hoard, deposit, accumulate 72.

    To reserve, keep back, hold back.

    (Phrases). To husband one's resources; to have two strings to one's bow; [Greek text].

    (Adjectives). Stored, etc., in store, in reserve, spare.

  • Provision (Substantives), supply, providing, supplying, etc., purveyance, purveying, reinforcement, husbanding, commissariat, victualling.
  • Forage, pasture, food, etc. 298.

    A purveyor, caterer, contractor, commissary, quarter-master, jackal, feeder, batman.

    (Verbs). To provide, supply, furnish, purvey, suppeditate, replenish, fill up, feed, stock with, recruit, cater, find, fend, keep, lay in, lay in store, store, forage, husband 636, upholster.

    (Phrase). To bring grist to the mill.

  • Waste (Substantives), consumption, expenditure, exhaustion, drain, leakage, wear and tear, dispersion 73, ebb, prodigality 819, seepage.
  • (Verbs). To waste, spend, expend, use, consume, spill, leak, run out, run to waste, disperse 73, ebb, dry up, impoverish, drain, empty, exhaust; to fritter away, squander.

    (Phrases). To cast pearls before swine; to burn the candle at both ends; to employ a steam-hammer to crack nuts; to break a butterfly on a wheel.

    (Adjectives). Wasted, spent, profuse, lavish, etc., at a low ebb.

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