(Phrases). Skip and jump; hop, skip and a jump.

    Kangaroo, jerboa, chamois, goat, frog, grasshopper, flea, buck-jumper.

  • Plunge (Substantives), dip, dive, ducking, header.
  • (Verbs). To plunge, dip, souse, duck, dive, plump, plop, submerge, submerse, squash, douse, sink, engulf.

  • Curvilinear motion.
  • Circuition (Substantives), turn, wind, circuit, curvet, detour, excursion, circumbendibus, circumvention, circumnavigation, north-west passage, circulation.

    Turning, winding, twist, twisting, wrench, evolution, twining, coil, circumambulation, meandering.

    (Verbs). To turn, bend, wheel, put about, heel, switch, go round, or round about, circumambulate, turn a corner, double a point, wind, whisk, twirl, twist, twill, raddle.

    (Phrases). To lead a pretty dance; to go the round.

    (Adjectives). Turning, etc., circuitous, circumforaneous, circumfluent.

    (Adverb). Round about.

  • Motion in a continued circle.
  • Rotation (Substantives), revolution, gyration, roll, circumrotation, circumgyration, gurgitation, pirouette, circumvolution, convolution, whir, whirl, eddy, vortex, whirlpool, cyclone, anticyclone, tornado, surge, a dizzy round, maelstrom, Charybdis.

    A wheel, screw, reel, whirligig, rolling stone, windmill, top, teetotum, merry - go - round, roundabout, gyroscope, gyrostat.

    Axis, spindle, pivot, pin, hinge, pole, swivel, gimbals.

    (Verbs). To rotate, roll, revolve, spin, turn, turn round, circumvolve, circulate, gyre, gyrate, wheel, reel, whirl, twirl, thrum, trundle, troll, twiddle, bowl, roll up, furl, wallow, welter.

    (Phrases). To box the compass; to spin like a top.

    (Adjectives). Rotating, etc., rotatory, rotary, circumrotatory, trochoid, vortiginous, vortical, gyratory.

    (Adverbs). Head over heels; clockwise, with the sun, deiseal (or deisil); counter-clockwise, against the sun, withershins (or widdershins).

  • Motion in a reverse circle.
  • Evolution (Substantives), unfolding, etc., development, introversion, reversion, eversion.

    (Verbs). To evolve, unfold, unroll, unwind, uncoil, untwist, unfurl, develop, introvert, reverse.

    (Adjectives). Evolving, evolved, etc.

    (Adverbs). Against.

  • Reciprocating motion, motion to and fro.
  • Oscillation (Substantives), vibration, undulation, pulsation, pulse, systole, diastole, libration, nutation, swing, beat, shake, see-saw, going and coming, wag, evolution, vibratiuncle; vibratility.

    Fluctuation, vacillation, dance, lurch, dodge, rolling, pitching, tossing, etc.

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