(Phrase). Penny - wise and pound-foolish.

  • Sufficiency (Substantives), adequacy, competence; enough, satiety.
  • Fullness, plenitude, plenty, abundance, copiousness, amplitude, richness, fertility, luxuriance, uberty, lashings, foison.

    (Phrases). The horn of plenty; the horn of Amalthea; cornucopia; the fat of the land.

    Impletion, repletion, saturation.

    Riches 803, mine, store, fund, 636; a bumper, a brimmer, a bellyful, a cartload, truck-load, ship-load; a plumper; a charge.

    A flood, draught, shower, rain, 347, stream, tide, spring-tide, flush.

    Moderation, see Mediocrity 651.

    (Verbs). To be sufficient, etc., to suffice, to do, satisfy, satiate, sate, saturate, make up.

    To abound, teem, stream, flow, rain, shower down, pour, swarm.

    To render sufficient, etc., to make up, to fill, replenish, pour in, charge.

    (Adjectives). Sufficient, enough, adequate, commensurate, quantum sufficit, what will just do.

    Moderate, measured.

    Full, ample, plenty, copious, plentiful, plenteous, plenary, wantless, abundant, abounding, flush, replete, laden, charged, fraught; well stocked or provided, liberal, lavish, unstinted, to spare, unsparing, unmeasured; ad libitum, wholesale.

    Brim-full, to the brim, chokefull, saturated, crammed, up to the ears, fat, rich, full up, top-full, luxuriant, lush.

    Unexhausted, unwasted, exhaustless, inexhaustible.

    (Phrases). Having two strings to one's bow; enough and to spare; cut and come again; full as an egg; full as a vetch; ready to burst; plenty as blackberries; flowing with milk and honey; enough in all conscience; enough to go round.

  • Insufficiency (Substantives), inadequacy, inadequateness, incompetence.
  • Deficiency, scantiness, scant, defect, defectiveness, default, defalcation, deficit, shortcoming, falling short 304, what will not do, scantiness, slenderness, a mouthful, etc. 32.

    Scarcity, dearth, shortage, want, need, lack, exigency, inanition, indigence, poverty, penury 804, destitution, dole, pittance, short allowance, short commons, a banyan - day, a mouthful, starvation, malnutrition, famine, drought, emptiness, vacancy, flaccidity; ebbtide, low water.

    (Phrase). A beggarly account of empty boxes.

    (Verbs). To be insufficient, etc., not to suffice, etc., to come short of, to fall short of, fail, run out of, stop short, to want, lack, need, require 630; caret.

    (Phrase). To be put upon one's shifts.

    To render insufficient, etc., to stint, grudge, hold back, withhold, starve, pinch, skimp, scrimp, famish.

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