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  4. How do you choose the books to put on
  5. What is the copyright status of texts on
  6. How do I cite a Bibliomania work?
  7. May I download, print and use in classwork?
  8. I found a mistake!
  9. I found an inaccurate or offensive statement in a work on!
  10. How do I use the search engine?
  11. I need help with a literary question or have comments on the texts?
  12. How do I register on Bibliomania and what do I get?
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What is the status of the site?

The site is not currently being actively maintained. Ltd no longer has any employees but the ex-employees keep the site running and have hopes of re-launching the site should funds become available. Posts to the Comments board will still be answered.

What does offer me?

Bibliomania is the best loved literature portal on the internet. It has won numerous awards, including being voted one of the top 300 web sites in the World by Forbes magazine, and twice voted one of the UK's top 100 web sites. Bibliomania offers you a superb educational resource with the full text of classic world literature and important non-fiction texts supported by an extensive reference section. Our study guides provide the best in current academic analysis and the Well Red magazine the best in contemporary reviews, articles and interviews.

How do I set Bibliomania as my search engine?

Firefox - main location keyword search

Goto about:config edit KeywordURL to contain

Firefox and IE7: OpenSearch

Click the search icon at the botom of the page.


Goto Settings>>Configure Konqueror>>Web Shortcuts. Click New
Search URI{@}
URI Shortcut
Click OK, check checkbox, click Apply, click OK. Bibliomania will now be in Search Engine list box dropdown.

How do you choose which books to put on

Bibliomania is supported by an Academic Board which comprises leading literature professors from Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Oxford universities. They recommend which books should go on and their priority.

What is the copyright status of texts on

Most texts on our site are in the public domain. However Ltd has copyright in the HTML versions we have created for our web site. You are free to download these texts for personal use, but they may not be used for any commercial purpose, or republished in any form (including on the internet) without our prior email permission. Ltd has and will take legal action worldwide to protect its rights.

Please use the comments board to email us for copyright permission.

How do I cite a Bibliomania work?

We do not have full bibliographic data for the texts on Bibliomania, and they were typed from scratch, repaginated and reformatted hence these works are an original edition and should be cited as copyright Ltd 2000.

May I download, print and use in classwork?

Yes, if you are using the material for personal or education use then you may download, print or redistribute without further permission.
If you wish to use the site material for commercial purposes please seek permission via the Comments board.

I found a mistake!

If you do find a mistake, please take the time to let us know. Please use the comments board to post the details of the error.

I found an inaccurate or offensive statement in a work on!

Many classic works contain definitions, statements and ideas which are now considered to be wrong, disputed, or offensive to certain groups of people. However, it is not our policy to change old texts to suit modern thinking. Old texts make a socio-historical statement of the politics, conventions, morals and prejudices of the time, many of which (thankfully) have changed for the better.

How do I use the search engine?

Bibliomania's search engine is similar to Google. It supports phrases enclosed within inverted commas and also '+/and'. To use '+/and' simply leave a space between the words. Bibliomania finds results for multiple word requests if the words appear in the same chapter of a book. Use "phrases" wherever possible for targeted searching.

The search engine is site level specific: Wherever you are in the site it will search from there down. So if you want to search a category (e.g. fiction) an author's books, a particular text, or a chapter navigate to that level and click on the Search icon. Or click on the Search icon first and use its drop down menus to get to your search area.

You can select whether to search the full text of books (Full text) or the author and book summary pages (Author/title). Choose Author/title for a quick search to find an author (e.g. Bronte) or title (e.g. Emma). You can specify the number of hits per document (chapter) to display. Use the top navigation bar to scroll through search results if they don't all fit on one page.

I need help with a literary question or have comments on the texts?

Feel free to ask us homework, revision of general questions, or send us comments on the texts. Your questions will be answered by our own staff, Bibliomania's Academic Board (for the really hard ones), or our team of specialist study guide writers. Post your questions to Answers board.

How do I register on Bibliomania and what do I get?

You will need to register with Bibliomania to read the study guides, post messages to the messageboards, and use bookmarks and download options. If you navigate to an individual study guide you will be prompted to login, or you can click the 'register' link at the bottom left of the screen at any time.

Registration is quick and easy. We do not ask for your home address or other intrusive personal details. You will need to give us a valid email address, and choose a password.

Registered users receive a regular monthly email newsletter including details of new texts and study guides on site and new services launched.

Privacy Statement

Bibliomania really appreciates the regular contact we have with our community of literature lovers and students. Therefore, any personal details you provide to Bibliomania during registration, and any contact or personal details you give us when emailing, are kept entirely private within Bibliomania and not released to third parties. We will only use your contact details for communications between Bibliomania and yourself. If, from time to time, someone of whom we approve wishes to sponsor Bibliomania emails, we will remain responsible for sending those emails and, again, your personal details will not be released to third parties.

Support for the visually impaired

We keep our underlying texts and their HTML as uncomplicated as possible. The site is therefore exceptionally accessible to the visually impaired using screen readers and speech synthesisers. has a 4 star rating from The National Library for the Blind, a UK charity. If you have any difficulty using the site, in particular if your speech software is confused by the frames, please email us and we will send you alternative URL's to use or the text itself.

Who designed and implemented this site?

The site was designed and implemented by PanEris a web collective of programmers and designers. More technical details can be found at

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