(Verbs). To possess, have, hold, own, be master of, be in possession of, enjoy, occupy, be seised of, be worth, to have in hand or on hand; to inherit 775.

    To engross, monopolise, corner, preoccupy.

    To be the property of, belong to, appertain to, pertain to, be in the hands of, be in the possession of.

    (Adjectives). Possessing, etc., possessed of, worth, endowed with, instinct with, fraught, laden with, charged with.

    Possessed, etc., proprietary, proprietorial; on hand, in hand, unsold, unshared; inalienable.

  1. Joint possession.
  2. Participation (Substantives), joint stock, common stock, partnership, copartnership, communism, possession in common, communion, community of possessions or goods, socialism, collectivism, St. - Simonianism, Fourierism, syndicalism, etc.

    Snacks, share-out, picnic.

    A syndicate, ring, corner, combine, trust, knock-out.

    A partner, copartner, shareholder, actionnaire; a communist, socialist, etc.

    (Verbs). To participate, partake, share, communicate, go snacks, go halves, share and share alike; to have or possess, etc., in common; to come in for a share; to stand in with; to socialise; to pool.

    (Adjectives). Partaking, etc.; socialist, socialistic, communistic, etc.

    (Adverb). Share and share alike, fifty-fifty.

  3. Possessor (Substantives), owner, holder, proprietor, proprietress, proprietary, master, mistress, heritor, occupier, occupant, landlord, tenant; occupant, lodger.
  4. Future possessor, heir, heiress, inheritor.

  5. Property (Substantives), possession, ownership, seisin, tenancy, tenure, lordship, legal and equitable estate, meum et tuum, occupancy.
  6. Estate, effects, assets, stock, goods, chattels, fixtures, movables, furniture, things, traps, trappings, paraphernalia, luggage, baggage, bag and baggage, cargo, lading; patrimony, heirloom.

    Real property, land, landed estate, manor, demesne, domain, tenement, holding, hereditament, household, freehold, farm, ranch, hacienda, estancia, fief, feoff, apanage, seigniority, allodium.

    Ground, acres, field, close.

    State, realm, empire, kingdom, principality.

    (Adjectives). Predial, manorial, freehold, etc., copyhold, leasehold.

  7. Retention (Substantives), keep, holding, keeping, retaining, detention, custody, grasp, gripe, grip, tenacity.
  8. Fangs, teeth, clutches, claws, talons, nails.

    Incommunicableness, incommunicability.

    (Phrase). A bird in the hand.

    (Verbs). To retain, keep, keep in hand, detain, hold fast, grasp, clutch, clench, cinch, gripe, grip, hug, withhold, keep back.

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