Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division I.—Individual Volition

Section III.—Voluntary Action
1°. Simple Voluntary Action
  1. Action (Substantives), performance, work, operation, proceeding, procedure, démarche, process, handiwork, handicraft, workmanship, manœuvre, transaction, bout, turn, job, doings, business, affair.
  2. Deed, act, overt act, stitch, touch, move, strike, blow, coup, feat, stunt, exploit, passage, stroke of policy, tour de force, coup de main, coup d'état.

    (Verbs). To act, do, work, operate, do or transact business, practise, perpetrate, perform 729, officiate, exercise, commit, inflict, strike a blow, handle, take in hand, put in hand, run.

    To labour, drudge, toil, ply, set to work, pull the oar, serve, officiate, go about, turn one's hand to, dabble; to have in hand.

    (Phrases). To have a finger in the pie; to take or play a part; to set to work; to pursue the even tenor of one's way; to put in execution; to carry into execution 729; to lay one's hand to the plough; to ply one's task; to get on with the job; to discharge an office; to go the whole hog.

    (Adjectives). Acting, etc., in action, in operation, etc., operative, in harness, in play, on duty, on foot, at work.

    (Interjection). Here goes!

  3. Inaction (Substantives), abstinence from action, see Inactivity 683, non-intervention, non-interference, neutrality.
  4. (Verbs). Not to do, to let be, abstain from doing; let or leave alone, refrain, desist, keep oneself from doing; let pass, lie by, let be, wait.

    (Phrases). To bide one's time; to cool one's heels; to stay one's hand; to wash one's hands of; to leave in the lurch; to have other fish to fry; stare super antiquas vias; to sit on the fence.

    To undo, take down, take or pull to pieces, do away with.

    (Phrases). Res infecta; nothing doing.

    (Adjectives). Not doing, not done, let alone, undone, etc.; neutral.

  5. Activity (Substantives), briskness, quickness, promptness, readiness, alertness, smartness, sharpness, nimbleness, agility 274.
  6. Spirit, vivacity, eagerness, empressement, brio, dash, élan, alacrity, zeal, push, energy 171, hustle, vigour, intentness.

    Movement, bustle, commotion, stir, fuss, ado, fidget, restlessness, fidgetiness.

    Wakefulness, pervigilium, insomnia, sleeplessness.

    Industry, assiduity, assiduousness, sedulity, sedulousness, diligence; perseverance, persistence, plodding, painstaking, drudgery, busyness, indefatigability, indefatigableness, patience, business habits, push.

    Dabbling, meddling, interference, interposition, intermeddling, tampering with, intrigue, tripotage, supererogation.

    A housewife, busybody, swot, mug, zealot, hustler.


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