Buyer, customer, purchaser.

  • Merchandise (Substantives), ware, mercery, commodity, effects, goods, article, stock, stock-in-trade, cargo, produce, freight, lading, ship-load, staple commodity.
  • Mart (Substantives), market, change, exchange, market-place, fair, hall, staple, bazaar, guild-hall, tollbooth (or tolbooth), custom-house.
  • Office, shop, counting-house, bureau, counter, stall, chambers.

    Warehouse, depôt, store 636, entrepôt, emporium.

4°. Monetary Relations
  • Money (Substantives), funds, treasure, capital, stock, proceeds, assets, cash, bullion, ingot, nugget; sum, amount, balance.
  • Currency, circulating medium, specie, coin, hard cash; pounds, shillings and pence.

    Ready, rhino, blunt, dust, mopus, tin, ducats, the needful.

    Gold, silver, copper, nickel, rouleau, dollar, etc.

    Currency, finance; gold standard, monometallism, bimetallism.

    Pocket-money, change, small coin; doit, farthing, penny, shilling, etc., rap, mite, sou.

    Sum, amount, balance.

    Paper-money, note, bank-note, Treasury note, greenback, note of hand, promissory note, I O U.

    Bill, draught (or draft), check (or cheque), order, remittance, postal order, money order, warrant, coupon, debenture, bill of exchange, exchequer bill, Treasury bill, assignat.

    A drawer, a drawee.

    False money, base coin, flash note, kite.

    Science of coins, Numismatics.

    (Phrase). The sinews of war.

    (Verbs). To draw, draw upon, endorse.

    (Adjectives). Monetary, pecuniary, fiscal, financial, sumptuary; monometallic, bimetallic; numismatical.

    (Phrases). To touch the pocket; argumentum ad crumenam.

  • Treasurer (Substantives), purse-bearer, purser, questor, bursar, banker, moneyer, paymaster, cashier, teller, cash-keeper.
  • Chancellor of the exchequer, minister of finance, financier.

  • Treasury (Substantives), bank, savings-bank, exchequer, coffer, chest, stocks, money-box, money- bag, strong-box, strong-room, safe, bursary, stronghold, till, purse, porte-monnaie, purse-strings, pocket, breeches-pocket, fisc.
  • Wealth (Substantives), fortune, riches, opulence, affluence, independence, solvency, competence, easy circumstances, command of money, El Dorado, plutocracy.
  • (Phrases). A well-lined purse; the purse of Fortunatus; a mint or pot of money; a pile; a plum.

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