Home, fatherland, country, homestead, homestall, fireside, snuggery, hearth, lares and penates, household gods, roof, household, housing; "dulce domum."

    Building, structure, edifice, fabric, erection, pile, tenement, messuage, farm, farm-house, grange.

    Cot, cabin, hut, chalet, croft, shed, hangar, penthouse, lean-to, booth, stall, hovel, outhouse, barn, bawn, hole, kennel, sty, dog-hole, cote, stable, garage, offices.

    House, mansion, villa, maisonnette, cottage, box, lodge, pied-à-terre, bungalow, hermitage, folly, rotunda, tower, temple, chaâteau, castle, pavilion, hotel, court, hall, palace, kiosk, house-boat.

    Inn, hostel, hotel, tavern, caravansary, hospice, barrack, casemate, lodging-house, guest-house, doss- house, lodgings, apartments, diggings.

    Hamlet, village, thorp, dorp, ham, kraal, borough, burgh, municipality, town, city, garden city, metropolis, suburb 227, province, country.

    Street, place, terrace, parade, road, row, lane, alley, court, wynd, close, yard, passage, rents, slum; square, polygon, quadrant, circus, crescent, mall, place, piazza, arcade, gardens.

    Anchorage, roadstead, dock, basin, wharf, quay, port.

    (Adjectives). Urban, civic, metropolitan, municipal, provincial, rural, rustic, countrified; home-like, homy.

  • Things contained.
  • Contents (Substantives), cargo, lading, freight, load, burden, ware 798.

  • Receptacle (Substantives), recipient, receiver, reservatory, compartment, see 636.
  • Cell, cellule, loculus, follicle, hole, corner, niche, recess, nook, crypt, stall, dog-hole, pigeon-hole, lodging (see 189), bed, berth, bunk, doss, etc. 215, pew, store-room, strong-room, wardrobe.

    Capsule, vesicle, cyst, cancelli, bladder, utensil.

    Stomach, belly, paunch, ventricle, crop, craw, maw, gizzard, bread-basket, ovary, womb 221.

    Pocket, pouch, sporran, fob, sheath, scabbard, socket, bag, sac, sack, wallet, scrip, poke, kit, knapsack, rucksack, haversack, sabretache, satchel, reticule, powder-box, vanity-bag, portfolio, budget.

    Chest, box, hutch, coffer, case, casket, caddy, pyx (or pix), caisson, desk, bureau, cabinet, reliquary, trunk, portmanteau, saratoga, bandbox, valise, hold-all, attachè-case, suit-case, dressing-case, kit-bag, brief-bag, gladstone bag, boot, imperial, creel, crate, packing-case, cage, hutch, snuff-box, mull.

    Vessel, vase, bushel, barrel, canister, jar, can, pottle, basket, pannier, corbeille, punnet, hamper, tray, hod.

    For liquids: cistern, reservoir, tank, vat, caldron, barrel, cask, keg, runlet, firkin, kilderkin, demijohn, carboy, amphora, bottle, jar, decanter, carafe, tantalus, ewer, cruse, crock, kit, canteen, flagon, flask, flasket, thermos flask, stoup, noggin, vial (or phial), cruet, caster, urn, samovar, billy.

    Tub, bucket, pail, pot, tankard, beaker, jug, pitcher, mug, noggin, pipkin, gallipot, matrass, receiver, alembic, retort, test-tube, pipette, bolthead, capsule, kettle, spittoon.

    Bowl, basin, jorum, punch-bowl, cup, goblet, chalice, tumbler, glass, horn, can, pan, plate, dish, trencher, tray, salver, patera, calabash, porringer, saucepan, skillet, casserole, tureen, saucer, platter, hod, scuttle, shovel, trowel, spoon, spatula, ladle.

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