(Adjectives). Economical, frugal, thrifty, canny, careful, saving, chary, spare, sparing, cheese-paring.

    (Phrases). Ne quid nimis; penny-wise.

  • Prodigality (Substantives), unthriftiness, thriftlessness, waste, profusion, profuseness, extravagance, dissipation, squandering, malversation.
  • A prodigal, spendthrift, squanderer, waster.

    (Verbs). To be prodigal, etc., to squander, lavish, waste, dissipate, exhaust, run through, spill, misspend, throw away money, drain.

    (Phrases). To burn the candle at both ends; to make ducks and drakes of one's money; manger son blé en herbe; to outrun the constable; to fool away, potter, muddle away, fritter away, etc., one's money; to pour water into a sieve; to go the pace.

    (Adjectives). Prodigal, profuse, thriftless, unthrifty, wasteful, extravagant, lavish, dissipated.

    (Phrases). Penny - wise and pound-foolish; money burning in one's pocket.

  • Parsimony (Substantives), stint, stinginess, niggardliness, cheese-paring, illiberality, closeness, penuriousness, avarice, tenacity, covetousness, greediness, avidity, rapacity, venality, mercenariness, cupidity.
  • (Phrase). Auri sacra fames.

    A miser, niggard, churl, screw, skin-flint, money-grubber, codger, muck-worm, hunks, curmudgeon, harpy, Harpagon, Jew.

    (Verbs). To be parsimonious, etc., to grudge, stint, pinch, screw.

    (Phrases). To skin a flint; to drive a hard bargain; to tighten one's purse-strings.

    (Adjectives). Parsimonious, stingy, miserly, mean, shabby, near, niggardly, cheese-paring, close, close- fisted, close-handed, chary, illiberal, ungenerous, churlish, hide-bound, sordid, mercenary, venal, covetous, avaricious, greedy, griping, pinching, rapacious.

    (Phrases). Having an itching palm; with a sparing hand.

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