Mastication, manducation, chewing.

    (Verbs). To admit, receive, intromit, import, ingest, absorb, resorb, imbibe, inhale, let in, take in, readmit, resorb, reabsorb, snuff up, sop up, suck, suck in, swallow, take down, gulp, bolt, snap, get down, ingurgitate, engulf.

    (Phrase). To give entrance to.

    To eat, fare, feed, devour, tuck in, pick, peck, gorge, engorge, fall to, stuff, cram, gobble, guttle, wolf, raven, eat heartily, do justice to, overeat, gormandise 957, discuss.

    To feed upon, live on, feast upon, carouse, batten upon, fatten upon, dine, etc., browse, graze, crop, chew, champ, munch, gnaw, nibble, crunch, masticate, manducate, mumble.

    (Phrase). To refresh one's inner man.

    To drink, quaff, guzzle, swill, swig, booze, drench, sip, sup, lap, drink up, drain up, toss off, drain the cup, tipple 959, smoke.

    (Phrases). To wet one's whistle; empty one's glass; crook or lift one's elbow.

    (Adjectives). Admitting, etc., admitted, etc., admissible; absorbent, absorptive.

  • Motion out of, actively.
  • Ejection (Substantives), emission, effusion, rejection, expulsion, detrusion, extrusion, eviction.

    Discharge, egestion, evacuation, vomition.

    Deportation, exile, rustication, banishment, relegation, extradition.

    (Verbs). To be let out, etc., to ooze, percolate, fall out, to emit, eject, expel, export, reject, discharge, give out, let out, cast out, clear out, sweep out, clean out, gut, wipe off, turn out, chuck out, elbow out, kick out, hoof out, drive out, root out, pour out, shed, void, evacuate, disgorge, extrude, empty, detrude, throw off, spit, spit out, expectorate, spirt, spill, slop, empty, drain.

    To vomit, spue, cat, puke, cast up, keck, retch, spatter, splutter, slobber, slaver, slabber, squirt, eructate, belch, give vent to, tap, open the sluices, heave out, bale out, shake off.

    To unpack, unlade, unload 270.

    To banish, exile, deport.

    (Adjectives). Emitting, etc., emitted, etc.

    (Phrase). The rogue's march.

  • Food (Substantives), pabulum, aliment, nutriment, sustenance, sustenation, nurture, subsistence, provender, fodder, provision, prey, forage, pasture, pasturage, keep, fare, rations, diet, regimen.
  • Comestibles, eatables, victuals, prog, grub, meat, bread, bread-stuffs, cerealia, viands, cates, delicacy, delicatessen, dainty, creature comforts, belly-timber, contents of the larder, dish, flesh - pots, pottage, pudding, ragout, omelet, etc.

    Table, board, commons, good cheer, bill of fare, commissariat, table d'hôte, ordinary, cuisine.

    Canteen, restaurant, chop-house, café, tea-shop, coffee-house, coffee-stall, public-house, pot-house, ale- house, wine-shop, bodega, tavern 189.

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