Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division I.—Individual Volition

Section I.—Volition in General
I°. Acts of Volition
  1. Will (Substantives), volition, voluntariness, velleity, free-will, spontaneity, spontaneousness, freedom.
  2. Pleasure, wish, mind, animus, breast, mood, bosom, petto, heart, discretion, accord.


    Determination (see 604, 611), intention (see 620), choice (see 609).

    (Verbs). To will, list, think fit, think proper, determine, etc. 604, settle 609, to take upon oneself, to have one's will, to do as one likes, wishes, or chooses; to use or exercise one's own discretion, see Freedom 748, to volunteer, lend oneself to.

    (Phrases). To have a will of one's own; hoc volo, sic jubeo; stet pro ratione voluntas; to take the will for the deed; to know one's own mind; to know what one is about; to see one's way; to have one's will; to take upon oneself.

    (Adjectives). Voluntary, volitional, willing, content, minded, spontaneous, free, left to oneself, unconstrained, unfettered, unbidden, unasked, unurged, uncompelled, of one's own accord, gratuitous, of one's own head, prepense, advised, express, designed, intended, calculated, premeditated, preconcerted, predetermined, deliberate.

    (Adverbs). At will, at pleasure, à volonté, ad libitum, ad arbitrium, spontaneously, freely, of one's own accord, voluntarily, advisedly, designedly, intentionally, expressly, knowingly, determinately, deliberately, pointedly, in earnest, in good earnest, studiously, purposely, proprio motu, suo motu, ex mero motu; quo animo.

    (Phrases). With one's eyes open; in cold blood.

  3. Necessity (Substantives), instinct, blind impulse, necessitation, fate, destiny, doom 152, foredoom, destination, election, predestination, preordination, compulsion 744, subjection 749, stern, hard, cruel, inexorable, iron necessity.
  4. Determinism, Necessitarianism, Fatalism, Automatism.

    The Fates, Parcè, the stars, astral influence, spell, see 152.

    (Phrases). Hobson's choice; a blind bargain; a pis aller.

    (Verbs). To lie under a necessity, to be fated, doomed, destined, etc. 152, to need be, not to help, to leave to itself.

    To necessitate, destine, doom, foredoom, predestine, preordain.

    To compel, force, constrain, etc., cast a spell, etc. 992.

    (Phrases). To make a virtue of necessity; to be pushed to the wall; to dree one's weird.

    (Adjectives). Necessitated, fated, destined, doomed, elect, spell-bound.

    Compelled, forced, etc., unavoidable, inevitable, irresistible, irrevocable.

    Compulsory, involuntary, unintentional, undesigned, unintended, instinctive, automatic, blind, mechanical, impulsive, unwitting, unaware; necessitarian.

    (Phrases). Unable to help it; having no alternative.

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