(Adjectives). Shallow, skin-deep, superficial, shoaly.

  • Summit (Substantives), top, vertex, apex, zenith, pinnacle, acme, climax, culminating point, pitch, meridian, sky, pole, watershed.
  • Tip, tip-top, crest, crow's nest, eagle's nest, peak, turning-point, pole.

    Crown, brow, nib, head, nob, noddle, pate.

    Capital, cornice, sconce, architrave, pediment, entablature, frieze.

    Roof, ceiling, thatch, tiling, slating, awning, canopy, see Cover 222.

    (Adjectives). Top, topmost, uppermost, tip-top, culminating, meridian, capital, head, polar, supreme, crowning.

  • Base (Substantives), basement, plinth, foundation, substratum, ground, earth, pavement, floor, paving, flag, ground floor, deck, substructure, footing, groundwork.
  • The bottom, rock - bottom, nadir, foot, sole, toe, root, keel.

    (Adjectives). Bottom, undermost, nethermost, fundamental, basic.

  • Verticality (Substantives), erectness, uprightness, perpendicularity, aplomb, right angle, normal, azimuth, circle.
  • Wall, precipice, cliff.

    Erection, raising, rearing.

    (Verbs). To be vertical, etc., to stand up, to stand on end, to stand erect, to stand upright, to stick up.

    To render vertical, to set up, stick up, erect, rear, raise up, cock up, prick up, raise on its legs.

    (Adjectives). Vertical, upright, erect, perpendicular, normal, straight, standing up, etc., up on end, bolt upright, rampant.

    (Adverbs). Up, vertically, etc., on end, up on end.

  • Horizontality (Substantives), a level, plane, dead level, flatness 251.
  • Recumbency, lying, lying down, reclination, decumbence, decumbency, supination, resupination, prostration, azimuth.

    A plain, floor, flat, platform, bowling-green, plateau, terrace, estrade, esplanade, parterre, table-land, see 204, 215.

    (Verbs). To be horizontal, recumbent, etc., to lie, recline, lie down, couch, sit down, squat, lie flat, lie prostrate, sprawl, loll.

    To render horizontal, etc., to lay, lay down, level, flatten, prostrate, knock down, floor.

    (Adjectives). Horizontal, level, plane, flat, even, discoid.

    Recumbent, decumbent, lying, prone, supine, couchant, couching, jacent, prostrate, squat, squatting, on one's back, on all fours, on one's hunkers, sitting, reclining.

    (Adverbs). Horizontally, etc., on one's back, etc.

  • Pendency (Substantives), dependency, suspension, hanging.
  • A pendant (see 849), pedicel, peduncle, tail, train, flap, skirt, pig-tail, queue, pendulum.

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