(Verbs). To make a pretext, etc., of; to use as a plea, etc.; to plead, allege, pretend, excuse, make a handle, etc. of, to gild the pill.

    (Adjectives). Ostensible, colourable, pretended, alleged, etc.

    (Phrases). Ad captandum; on the spur of the occasion; the grapes being sour; qui s'excuse s'accuse; playing to the gallery.

3°. Objects of Volition
  • Good (Substantives), benefit, advantage, service, interest, weal, boot, gain, profit, good turn, blessing, boon; behoof, behalf.
  • (Phrases). The main chance; summum bonum.

    Luck, piece of luck, windfall, godsend, bonus; bonanza, prize.

    Cause of good, see Utility 644, Goodness 648, and Remedy 662.

    (Adverbs). Aright, well, favourably, to boot.

    In behalf of, in favour of.

  • Evil (Substantives), harm, injury, wrong, scathe, curse, detriment, hurt, damage, disservice, ill-turn, bale, grievance, prejudice, loss, mischief, devilry (or deviltry), gravamen.
  • Disadvantage, drawback, trouble, annoyance, nuisance, molestation, oppression, persecution, plague, corruption 659.

    Blow, bruise, scratch, wound, mutilation, outrage, spoliation, plunder, pillage, rapine, destruction, dilapidation, havoc, ravage, devastation, inroad, sweep, sack, foray 716, desolation, razzia, dragonnade.

    Misfortune, mishap, woe, disaster, calamity, affliction, catastrophe, downfall, ruin, prostration, curse, wrack, blight, blast; Pandora's box; a plague-spot.

    Cause of evil, see Bane 663.

    Production of evil 649; Spoliation 791; Destruction 162.

    (Adverbs). Amiss, wrong, evil, ill.

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