To empty, drain, etc., see 638.

    (Adjectives). Insufficient, inadequate, incompetent, not enough, etc., scant, scanty, skimpy, scrimpy, deficient, defective, in default, scarce, empty, devoid, short of, out of, wanting, etc., hard-up for.

    Destitute, dry, drained, unprovided, unsupplied, unfurnished, unreplenished, unfed, unstored, untreasured, bare, meagre, poor, thin, spare, skimpy, stinted, starved, famished, pinched, starveling, jejune, without resources 735, short - handed, undermanned, understaffed, etc.

    (Phrases). Out at elbows; not having a leg to stand upon.

  • Redundance (Substantives), superabundance, superfluity, superfluence, exuberance, profuseness, profusion, plethora, engorgement, congestion, glut, surfeit, gorge, load, turgidity, turgescence, dropsy, pleonasm.
  • Excess, an overdose, oversupply, overplus, surplusage, overflow, inundation, deluge, extravagance, prodigality 818, exorbitance, lavishness, immoderation.

    An expletive, oath, swear-word, damn, dash, etc., see Malediction 908.

    (Phrases). Satis superque; a drug in the market.

    (Verbs). To superabound, overabound, run over, overflow, flow over, roll in, wallow in.

    (Phrase). To go a-begging.

    To overstock, overdose, overlay, gorge, engorge, glut, sate, satiate, surfeit, cloy, load, overload, surcharge, overrun, drench, inundate, whelm, deluge.

    (Phrases). To put butter upon bacon; it never rains but it pours; to carry coals to Newcastle.

    (Adjectives). Redundant, superfluous, exuberant, superabundant, immoderate, extravagant, excessive, in excess, overmuch, too much, de trop, needless, over and above 40, more than enough, satis superque, running to waste, overflowing, running over.

    (Phrase). Enough and to spare.

    Turgid, gorged, plethoric, dropsical, profuse, lavish, prodigal, supervacaneous, extra, supernumerary, expletive, surcharged, overcharged, sodden, overloaded, overladen, overburdened, overrun, overfed, overfull.

    (Adverbs). Over, over and above, too much, overmuch, over and enough, too far, without measure, without stint.

    (Phrase). Over head and ears.

    2. Degree of Subservience

  • Importance (Substantives), consequence, moment, weight, gravity, seriousness, consideration, concern, significance, import, influence 175, pressure, urgency, instancy, stress, emphasis, preponderance, prominence 250, greatness 31.
  • The substance, essence, quintessence, gist, pith, marrow, soul, gravamen.

    The principal, prominent, or essential part.

    A notability, somebody, personage 875, big-wig, toff, big pot.

    (Phrase), A sine qua non.

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