(Interjection). God speed!

  • Malevolence (Substantives), ill will, unkindness, ill nature, malignity, malice, maliciousness, spite, spitefulness, despite, despitefulness.
  • Uncharitableness, venom, gall, rancour, rankling, bitterness, acerbity, harshness, mordacity, acridity, virulence, acharnement, misanthropy 911.

    Cruelty, hardness of heart, cruelness, brutality, brutishness, hooliganism, savageness, ferocity, barbarity, bloodthirstiness, immanity, pitilessness, truculence, devilry (or deviltry), devilment.

    An ill turn, a bad turn; affront 900.

    (Phrases). A heart of stone; the evil eye; the cloven hoof.

    (Verbs. To injure, hurt, harm, molest, disoblige, do harm to, ill-treat, maltreat 649, do an ill office or turn to 830, to wrong.

    To worry, harass, bait, oppress, grind, haze, persecute, hunt down, dragoon.

    (Phrases). To wreak one's malice on; to bear or harbour malice against; to dip or imbrue one's hands in blood.

    (Adjectives). Malevolent, malicious, ill - disposed, evil-minded, ill-intentioned, maleficent, malign, malignant.

    Ill-natured, disobliging, in-officious, unfriendly, unsympathetic, unkind, uncandid, unaccommodating, uncharitable, ungracious, unamiable, unfriendly.

    Surly, churlish 895, grim, spiteful, despiteful, ill - conditioned, foul-mouthed, acrid, mordacious, vitriolic, venomous.

    Cold, cold - blooded, cold - hearted, hard-hearted, iron-hearted, flint-hearted, marble-hearted, stony- hearted.

    Pitiless, unpitying, uncompassionate, without bowels, ruthless, merciless, unmerciful, inexorable, relentless, unrelenting, virulent, dispiteous.

    Cruel, brutal, savage, ferocious, untamed, ferine, inhuman, barbarous, fell, Hunnish, bloody, blood-stained, bloodthirsty, bloody-minded, sanguinary, truculent 919, butcherly.

    Fiendish, fiendlike, infernal, demoniacal, diabolical devilish, hellish.

    (Phrases). Betraying the cloven foot; having no bowels.

    (Adverbs). Malevolently, etc., with bad intent or intention, despitefully.

  • Malediction (Substantives), curse 641, malison, imprecation, denunciation, execration, anathema, ban, proscription, excommunication, commination 909, fulmination maranatha.
  • Cursing, scolding, railing, Billingsgate, bad language, unparliamentary language.

    (Verbs). To censure, curse, imprecate, beshrew, scold, swear at, rail at or against, execrate.

    To denounce, proscribe, excommunicate, fulminate against, anathematise.

    (Phrases). To devote to destruction; to invoke or call down curses on one's head; to swear like a trooper; to rap out an oath; curse with bell, book, and candle.

    (Adjectives). Cursing, etc., accursed, cursed, etc.

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