To be inglorious, abased, dishonoured, etc., to incur disgrace, etc.

    (Phrases). To lose caste; to be in one's black books.

    To cause shame, etc.; to shame, disgrace, put to shame, dishonour, throw, cast, fling, or reflect shame, etc., upon, to derogate from.

    To tarnish, stain, blot, sully, taint, discredit, degrade, debase, defile.

    To impute shame to, to brand, post, stigmatise, vilify, defame, slur, run down.

    (Phrase). To hold up to shame.

    To abash, humiliate, humble, dishonour, discompose, disconcert, shame, put down, confuse, mortify; to obscure, eclipse, outshine.

    (Phrases). To put to the blush; to put out of countenance; to cast into the shade; to take the shine out of; to tread or trample under foot; to drag through the mud.

    (Adjectives). Feeling shame, disgrace, etc., ashamed, abashed, etc., disgraced, etc., blown upon, branded, tarnished, etc.

    Inglorious, mean, base, etc. 940, shabby, nameless, unnoticed, unnoted, unhonoured.

    Shameful, disgraceful, despicable, discreditable, unbecoming, unworthy, disreputable, derogatory, vile, ribald, dishonourable, abject, scandalous, infamous, notorious.

    (Phrases). Infra dignitatem, or infra dig.; shorn of its beams; unknown to fame; in bad odour; loaded with shame, infamy, etc.; under a cloud.

    (Interjections). Fie! shame! for shame! proh pudor!

  • Nobility (Substantives), noblesse, aristocracy, peerage, gentry, gentility, quality, rank, blood, birth, donship, fashionable world, etc. 852, the beau monde, the upper ten, distinction, etc.
  • A personage, notability, man of distinction, rank, etc.; a nobleman, noble, lord, peer, grandee, magnate, magnifico, hidalgo, don, daimio, gentleman, squire, patrician, lordling, nob.

    House of Lords, Lords Spiritual and Temporal.

    Gentlefolk, squirearchy, primates, optimates.

    Prince, duke, marquis, earl, viscount, baron, thane, banneret, baronet, knight, count, armiger, esquire, etc.; nizam, begum, rajah, nawab, etc.

    (Verb). To be noble, etc.

    (Adjectives). Noble, exalted, of rank, titled, patrician, aristocratic, high-born, well-born, genteel, comme il faut, gentlemanlike, princely, etc., fashionable, etc. 852.

    (Phrases). Noblesse oblige; born in the purple.

  • Commonalty (Substantives), the lower or humbler classes or orders, the vulgar herd, the crowd, the people, the commons, the proletariat, the multitude. Demos, oi polloi, the populace, the million, the peasantry.
  • The middle classes, see 736.

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