(Adjectives). Compensating, compensatory, countervailing, etc., equipollent 27.

    (Phrase). In the opposite scale.

    (Adverbs). However, yet, but, still, all the same, nevertheless, none the less, notwithstanding, on the other hand, en revanche, per contra.

    (Phrases). As broad as it's long; 'tis an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

    Quantity by Comparison with a Standard

  • Greatness (Substantives), largeness, magnitude, size 192, fullness, vastness, immensity, enormity, infinity 105, intensity 26, importance 642, strength.
  • A large quantity, deal, power, world, mass, heap 72, pile, sight, peck, bushel, load, heap, stack, cart- load, waggon-load, truck-load, ship-load, cargo, lot, flood or spring-tide, abundance 639, wholesale, store 636.

    The greater part, see 50.

    (Verbs). To be great, etc., run high, soar, tower, transcend, rise, carry to a great height, etc. 305.

    (Phrases). To know no bounds; to break the record.

    (Adjectives). Great, gross, large, considerable, big, ample, above par, huge, full, saturated, plenary, deep, signal, extensive, sound, passing, goodly, famous, heavy, precious, mighty 157, arch, sad, piteous, arrant, redhot, downright, utter, uttermost, crass, lamentable, consummate, rank, thorough-paced, thoroughgoing, sovereign, unparalleled, matchless, unapproached, extraordinary, intense, extreme, pronounced, unsurpassed, unsurpassable.

    Vast, immense, enormous, towering, inordinate, severe, excessive, monstrous, shocking, extravagant, exorbitant, outrageous, glaring, preposterous, egregious, overgrown, stupendous, monumental, prodigious, astonishing, surprising 870, incredible, marvellous, transcendent, incomparable, tremendous, amazing, phenomenal, superhuman, Titanic, immoderate.

    Indefinite, boundless, unbounded, unlimited, incalculable, illimitable, immeasurable, infinite, unapproachable, unutterable, unspeakable, inexpressible, beyond expression, swingeing, unconscionable, fabulous, uncommon, unusual 83.

    Undiminished, unrestricted, unabated, unreduced, unmitigated, unredeemed, untempered.

    Absolute, positive, stark, decided, staring, unequivocal, serious, grave, essential, perfect, finished, completed, abundant 639.

    (Adverbs). In a great degree: much, muckle, well, considerably, largely, grossly, greatly, very, very much, a deal, not a little, pretty, pretty well, enough, richly, to a large extent, to a great extent, ever so, mainly, ever so much, on a large scale, insomuch, all lengths, wholesale, in a great measure.

    In a positive degree: truly 494, positively, verily, really, indeed, actually, in fact, fairly, assuredly, decidedly, surely, clearly, obviously, unequivocally, purely, absolutely, seriously, essentially, fundamentally, radically, downright, in grain, altogether, entirely, completely.

    In a comparative degree: comparatively, pro tanto, as good as, to say the least, above all, most, of all things, pre-eminently.

    In a complete degree: altogether, quite, entirely, wholly, totally, in toto, toto cœlo, utterly, thoroughly, out and out, completely, outright, out and away, fairly, clean, to the full, in every respect, sous tous les rapports,

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