With, together with, withal, along with, including, inclusive, as well as, not to mention, to say nothing of; conjointly 43.

  • Non-addition.
  • Subduction (Substantives), subtraction, deduction, deducement, retrenchment, removal, elimination, ablation, purgation, curtailment, etc. 36, garbling, mutilation, truncation, abscission, excision, amputation, detruncation, sublation, castration, see 789, apocope.

    (Verbs). To subduct, exclude, deduct, subtract, abscind, retrench, remove, withdraw, bate, detract, deduce, take away, deprive of, curtail, etc. 36, garble, truncate, mutilate, eviscerate, exenterate, detruncate, castrate, spay, geld, purge, amputate, cut off, excise, cut out, dock, lop, prune, pare, dress, clip, thin, shear, decimate, abrade 330.

    (Adjectives). Subtracted, deducted, etc., subtractive.

    (Adverbs). In deduction, etc., less, minus, without, except, excepting, with the exception of, but for, barring, save, exclusive of, save and except 83.

  • Thing added.
  • Adjunct (Substantives), additament, addition, affix, appendage, suffix, augment, increment, augmentation, acessory, item, garnish, sauce, supplement, extra, bonus 810, adjective, addendum, complement, corollary, continuation, reinforcement, pendant, apanage.

    Sequel, postscript, codicil, envoy, rider, heel-piece, tag, tab, skirt, flap, lappet, trappings, tail, tail - piece 67, queue, train, suite, cortège, accompaniment 88.

    (Phrase). More last words.

  • Thing remaining.
  • Remainder (Substantives), residue, remains, remnant, the rest, relics, leavings, heel-tap, odds and ends, cheese-parings, candle-ends, off-scourings, orts.

    Residuum, caput mortuum, dregs, refuse, scum, recrement (see 653), ashes, dross, cinders, slag, sediment, silt, alluvium, stubble; slough, exuviè, result, educt.

    Surplus, overplus, surplusage, superfluity, excess 641, balance, complement, fag - end, wreck, wreckage, ruins, skeleton.

    (Verbs). To remain, be left, be left behind, exceed, survive.

    (Adjectives). Remaining, left, left behind, residual, exuvial, residuary, sedimentary, outstanding, net, cast off, odd, unconsumed, surviving, outlying.

    Superfluous, over and above, exceeding, redundant, supernumerary.

  • Forming a whole without coherence.
  • Mixture (Substantives), admixture, commixture, commixtion, intermixture, alloyage, marriage, miscegenation.

    Impregnation, infusion, infiltration, diffusion, suffusion, interspersion, transfusion, seasoning, sprinkling, interlarding, interpolation, interposition 228, intrusion; adulteration, sophistication.

    Thing mixed: a touch, spice, tinge, tincture, dash, smack, sprinkling, seasoning, infusion, etc., soupçon, shade, bit, portion, dose.

    Compound resulting from mixture: alloy, amalgam, magma, mélange, half and half, hybrid, tertium quid, miscellany, medley, pastiche, pasticcio, patchwork, odds and ends; farrago, jumble 59, mess, salad,

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