4°. Indirect Power
  • Influence (Substantives), weight, pressure, prevalence, sway, predominance, predominancy, dominance, prepotency, reign, ableness, capability, etc. 157.
  • Footing, hold, foothold, purchase, fulcrum, stance, point d'appui, pou sto, locus standi, leverage, vantage- ground, ascendancy.

    (Phrase). A tower of strength.

    Independence, voluntary influence, 737, protection, patronage, auspices.

    (Verbs). To have influence, etc., to have a hold upon, etc., to have a pull, to gain a footing, work upon, take root, take hold, prevail, dominate, predominate, outweigh, overweigh, to bear upon.

    (Phrases). To be in the ascendant; to spread like wild-fire.

    (Adjectives). Influential, valid, weighty, prevailing, prevalent, dominant, regnant, predominating, predominant, prepotent, ascendant, rife.

    (Adverb). With telling effect.

  • Absence of Influence, see 172, 158, 160.

    (Verb). To have no influence.

    (Adjective). Uninfluential.

  • Tendenoy (Substantives), aptness, proneness, proclivity, conduciveness, bent, bias, quality, inclination, trend, propensity, conducement, subservience 641.
  • (Verbs). To tend, contribute, conduce, lead, dispose, incline, trend, verge, bend to, affect, carry, promote, redound to, subserve to 644, bid fair to, make for.

    (Adjectives). Tending, contributing, conducing, conducive, working towards, calculated to, disposing, inclining, bending, leading, carrying to, subservient, subsidiary 644, 707.

    (Adverbs). For, whither, in a fair way to.

  • Liability (Substantives), subjection to, dependence on, exposure to, contingency, see Chance 156, susceptivity, susceptibility, obnoxiousness.
  • (Verbs). To be liable, etc., incur, to lay oneself open to, lie under, expose oneself, etc., stand a chance, to open a door to.

    (Adjectives). Liable, subject, open to, incident to, exposed to, dependent on, obnoxious to.

    Contingent, incidental, guardless 665, unexempt.

    (Phrases). Within range of; at the mercy of.

5°. Combinations of Causes
  • Concurrence (Substantives), co-operation, union, agreement, pulling together, alliance.
  • Voluntary concurrence 709.

    (Verbs). To concur, co-operate, conspire, agree, conduce, contribute, unite, to pull together, to join forces.

    (Phrases). To have a hand in; to be in the same boat; to go hand in hand 709.

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