(Adverbs). Wrong, wrongly, badly, to one's cost.

    (Phrase). Corruptio optimi pessima.

  • Perfection (Substantives), perfectness, indefectibility, impeccability, unimpeachability, beau idéal, summit 210.
  • Masterpiece, chef d'œuvre, magnum opus, classic, model, pattern, mirror, phœnix, rara avis, paragon, cream, nonsuch, nonpareil, élite.

    Gem, bijou, jewel, pearl, diamond, ruby, brilliant.

    A Bayard, an Admirable Crichton.

    (Phrases). The philosopher's stone; the flower of the flock; the cock of the roost; the pink or acme of perfection; Natura il fece e poi roppe la stampa; the ne plus ultra.

    (Verbs). To be perfect, etc., to excel, transcend, overtop, etc.

    To carry everything before it, to play first fiddle, bear away the bell.

    To bring to perfection, to perfect, to ripen, mature, etc. 52, 729.

    (Adjectives). Perfect, best, faultless, finished, indeficient, indefectible, immaculate, spotless, transcendent, matchless, peerless, unparagoned, etc. 648, inimitable, unimpeachable, superlative, superhuman, divine, classical.

    (Phrases). In seipso totus teres aque rotundus; ad unguem; sans peur et sans reproche.

  • Imperfection (Substantives), imperfectness, unsoundness, faultiness, deficiency, drawback, inadequacy, inadequateness 645, handicap.
  • Fault, defect, flaw, lacuna 198, crack, twist, taint, peccancy, vice.

    Mediocrity, mean 29, indifference, inferiority.

    (Verbs). To be imperfect, middling, etc., to fail, lie under a disadvantage, be handicapped.

    (Phrases). To play second fiddle; barely to pass muster; to muddle along; to have a screw loose; be out of order.

    (Adjectives). Imperfect, deficient, defective, faulty, dud, inferior, inartistic, inadequate, unsound, vicious, cracked, warped, frail, flimsy, sketchy, botched, gimcrack, gingerbread, tottering, decrepit, rickety, ramshackle, rattletrap, battered, worn out, threadbare, seedy, worm-eaten, used up, decayed, mutilated, unrectified, uncorrected.

    Indifferent, middling, mediocre, so - so, couci - couci, secondary, second-rate, second-best, second- hand, second fiddle.

    Tolerable, passable, pretty well, well enough, rather good, decent, admissible, not bad, not amiss, not so dusty, unobjectionable, respectable, betwixt and between.

    (Phrases). Having a screw loose; no great catch; milk and water; no great shakes; nothing to boast of; better than nothing; on its last legs; no class.

  • Cleanness (Substantives), cleanliness, purity 960, neatness, tidiness, spotlessness, immaculateness.
  • Cleaning, purification, mundification, lustration, abstersion, depuration, expurgation, purgation, castration.

    Washing, ablution, lavation, elutriation, lixiviation, clarification, defecation, edulcoration, filtration.

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