To express, squeeze out, wring out, pick out, disembowel, eviscerate, exenterate.

    (Adjectives). Extracted, etc.

  • Motion through.
  • Passage (Substantives), transmission, permeation, penetration, interpenetration 294, percolation, osmosis, osmose, capillary attraction, endosmose, exosmose, intercurrence, way, thoroughfare.

    Terebration, impalement, etc. 260.

    (Verbs). To pass, pass through, traverse, terebrate, stick, pierce, impale, spear, spike, spit 260, penetrate, permeate, thread, thrid, enfilade, go through, go across, go over, pass over, get over, clear, negotiate, cut across, pass and repass, work, thread or worm one's way, force a passage; to transmit.

    (Adjectives). Passing, intercurrent, penetrative, etc.

  • Motion beyond.
  • Transcursion (Substantives), transilience, transgression, trespass, encroachment, infringement, extravagation, transcendence, enjambement, overrunning.

    (Verbs). To transgress, overstep, surpass, overpass, overrun, overgo, outgo, outstep, outrun, overreach, overleap, outleap, pass, go by, strain, overshoot the mark, overjump, overskip, overlap, go beyond, outpace, outmarch, transcend, distance, encroach, exceed, trespass, infringe, trench upon.

    (Phrases). To stretch a point; to pass the Rubicon; to shoot ahead of.

    (Adverbs). Beyond the mark, out of bounds.

  • Motion short of.
  • Shortcoming (Substantives), failure, falling short 732, defalcation, lee-way, incompleteness 53.

    (Verbs). To fall short of, not to reach, keep within bounds, keep within compass, to stop short.

    (Adjectives). Unreached, deficient 53, short, minus.

    (Adverbs). Within the mark, within compass, within bounds, etc., behindhand.

  • Motion upwards.
  • Ascent (Substantives), rise, climb, ascension, upgrowth, leap 309.

    A rocket, sky-rocket, lark, sky-lark; a climber, mountaineer.

    (Verbs). To ascend, rise, mount, arise, uprise, go up, get up, climb, clamber, swarm, shin, scale, scramble, escalade, surmount, aspire, over-ride, start up, over-reach.

    (Phrase). Get up on one's hind legs.

    To tower, soar, hover, spire, plane, swim, float, surge.

    To leap, jump, take off, buck, buck-jump, hop, skip, vault, bound, dance, bob, curvet, romp, caracole, caper, cut capers.

    (Adjectives). Rising, etc., scandent, buoyant, floating, supernatant, superfluitant, leaping, etc., saltatory, frisky, rampant.

    (Adverbs). Uphill, on the up grade.

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