Means, provision, substance, revenue, income, alimony, livelihood, subsistence, loaves and fishes, pelf, mammon, lucre, dower 810, pension, superannuation, annuity, unearned increment, pin-money.

    A rich man, capitalist, plutocrat, financier, money-bags, millionaire, a Nabob, Dives, Crœsus, Midas; rentier.

    (Verbs). To be rich, etc., to afford.

    (Phrases). To roll in riches; to wallow in wealth; to hold one's head above water.

    To enrich, fill one's coffers, etc.; to capitalise.

    (Adjectives). Wealthy, rich, affluent, opulent, flush, solvent 734, moneyed, plutocratic.

    (Phrases). Made of money; rich as Crœsus; rich as a Jew; rolling in riches, etc.

    One's ship come home.

  • Poverty (Substantives), indigence, penury, pauperism, destitution, want, need, lack, necessity, privation, distress, an empty purse; bad, reduced, or straitened circumstances; narrow means, straits, insolvency, beg-gary, mendicancy, mendicity.
  • (Phrases). Res angusta domi; the wolf at the door.

    A poor man, pauper, mendicant, beggar, tramp, starveling; the proletariat; un pauvre diable; qui n'a pas le sou.

    Poorhouse, workhouse.

    (Verbs). To be poor, etc., to want, lack, starve.

    (Phrases). To live from hand to mouth; come upon the parish; not to have a penny; cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator.

    To render poor, etc., to reduce, to impoverish, reduce to poverty, depauperate, ruin; to pauperise.

    (Adjectives). Poor, indigent, penniless, moneyless, short of money, out of money, out of cash, out of pocket, needy, destitute, necessitous, seedy, distressed, hard-up, in need, in want, poverty-stricken, badly off, in distress, pinched, dowerless, fortuneless, reduced, insolvent (see 806), bereft, bereaved, fleeced, stripped, stony-broke, stony.

    (Phrases). Unable to make both ends meet; out at elbows; under hatches; not having a penny; not worth a sou; poor as a rat; poor as Job; poor as a church mouse; down or out at heels; on one's uppers.

    (Adverb). In forma pauperis.

  • Credit (Substantives), trust, tick, score, account.
  • Letter of credit, duplicate.

    A creditor, lessor, mortgagee, debenture-holder; a dun, usurer, gombeen-man, Shylock.

    (Verbs). To keep an account with, to credit, accredit.

    (Adjective). Crediting.

    (Adverbs). On credit, on tick, on account, to pay, unpaid for.

  • Debt (Substantives), obligation, liability, debit, indebtment, arrears, deficit, default, insolvency.
  • Interest, usance, usury.

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