(Verbs). To plan, scheme, devise, imagine, design, frame, contrive, project, plot, conspire, cabal, think out, invent, forecast, strike out, chalk out, rough out, sketch, lay out, lay down, cut out, cast, recast, map out, countermine, hit upon, fall upon, arrange, mature, organise, concoct, digest, pack, prepare, hatch, elaborate, make shift, make do, wangle.

    (Phrases). To have many irons in the fire; to dig a mine; to spring a project; to take or adopt a course; to make the best of a bad job; to work the oracle.

    (Adjectives). Planned, etc., strategic; planning, scheming, etc.

    Well-laid, deep-laid, cunning, well-devised, etc., maturely considered, well-weighed, prepared, organised, etc.

    (Adverbs). In course of preparation, on the anvil, on the stocks, in the rough, sur le tapis; faute de mieux.

  1. Method (Substantives), way, manner, wise, form, path, road, route, channel, walk, access, course, pass, ford, ferry, passage, line of way, trajectory, orbit, track, ride, avenue, approach, beaten track, pathway, highway, roadway, causeway, footway, pavement, foot-path, cinder-path, turnpike road, high road, railway, tramway, the King's highway, thoroughfare, gateway, street, lane, alley, gangway, hatchway, by-path, by- way, by-walk, cross-road, cross-way, by-road, cut, short cut, royal road, cross-cut, carrefour, promenade, subway.
  2. Bridge, viaduct, stepping-stone, stair, corridor, staircase, escalator, companion-way, flight of stairs, ladder, step-ladder, scaffold, scaffolding, lift, elevator.

    (Phrase). Modus operandi.

    Indirect way: By-path, by-way, by-walk, by-road, back door, backstairs.

    Inlet, gate, door, gateway, portal, porch, doorway, conduit, tunnel.

    (Adverbs). How, in what way, in what manner, by what mode.

    By the way, en passant, by the by, in transitu, chemin faisant.

    One way or another, somehow, anyhow, by hook or crook, via.

    (Phrases). All roads lead to Rome; hè tibi erunt artes; where there's a will there's a way.

  3. Mid - course (Substantives), middle course, mean, juste milieu, mezzo termine; see Middle 68 and Mean 29.
  4. Direct, straight, straightforward, course, path, etc.

    (Verb). To keep in a middle course, etc.

    (Adjectives). Undeviating, direct, straight, straightforward.

    (Phrases). In medio tutissimus ibis; the golden mean; as the crow flies.

  5. Circuit (Substantives), roundabout way, zigzag, circuition, circumbendibus 311, wandering, deviation 279, divergence 291.
  6. (Verbs). To perform a circuit, etc., to deviate, wander, go round about, meander, etc. 279.

    (Phrase). To beat about the bush.

    (Adjectives). Circuitous, indirect, roundabout, zigzag, etc.

    (Adverbs). By a side wind, by an indirect course, etc.

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