(Phrases. Cela va sans dire; thereby hangs a tale.

  1. Assignment of cause.
  2. Attribution (Substantives), theory, ètiology, ascription, reference to, rationale, accounting for, palètiology,1 imputation, derivation from, filiation, genealogy, pedigree, paternity, maternity 166.

    (Verbs). To attribute, ascribe, impute, refer to, derive from, lay to, point to, charge on, ground on, invest with, assign as cause, trace to, father upon, account for, theorise, ground, etc.

    (Phrases). To put the saddle on the right horse; point out the reason of; lay to the door of; tell how it comes.

    (Adjectives). Attributable, imputable, ascribable, referable, owing to, derivable from, etc.,

    Putative, attributed, imputed, etc.

    (Adverbs). Hence, thence, therefore, because, from that cause, for that reason, on that account, owing to, thanks to, forasmuch as, whence, propter hoc, wherefore, since, inasmuch as.

    Why? wherefore? whence? how comes it? how is it? how happens it? how does it happen?

    In some way, somehow, somehow or other, in some such way.

  3. Absence of assignable cause.
  4. Chance2 (Substantives), indetermination, accident, fortune, hazard, hap, haphazard, chancemedley, random, lot, fate 152, casualty, contingency, adventure, venture, pot-luck, treasure trove, hit.

    A lottery, toss-up, game of chance, sortes, rouge et noir, heads or tails, etc., sweepstake.

    (Phrases). The turn or hazard of the die or cards; the chapter of accidents; a cast or throw of the dice.

    Possibility, contingency, odds, long odds, a near shave, close run, bare chance.

    (Verbs). To chance, hap, to fall to one's lot, to be one's fate, etc. 152; to light upon.

    To game, gamble, cast lots, raffle, play for.

    (Phrases). To take one's chance; toss up for; stand the hazard of the die, see 621.

    (Adjectives). Casual, fortuitous, random, accidental, adventitious, causeless, incidental, contingent, uncaused, undetermined, indeterminate, suppositional, possible 470, aleatory.

    (Adverbs). By chance, by accident, perchance, peradventure, perhaps, maybe, mayhap, haply, possibly.

    Casually, etc., at random, at a venture, as it may be, as it may chance, as it may turn up, as it may happen, as chance, luck, fortune, etc., would have it.

    (Phrases). Jacta est alea; the die is cast; the Rubicon is crossed.

2°. Connection between Cause and Effect
  • Power (Substantives), potentiality, potency, prepotency, prepollence, puissance, might, force, energy, metal, dint, right hand, ascendancy, sway, control, almightiness, ability, ableness, competency, efficiency, effectiveness, efficacy, efficaciousness, validity, cogency, enablement; agency 170, causality 153, influence 175, voluntary power 737.
  • Capability, capacity, faculty, quality, attribute, endowment, virtue, gift, property.

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