Words Expressing Abstract Relations

Section III.—Quantity

1°. Simple Quantity
  1. Absolute quantity.
  2. Quantity (Substantives), magnitude 192, amplitude, size, mass, amount, quantum, measure, substance.

    Science of quantity: Mathematics.

    Definite or finite quantity: handful, mouthful, etc., stock, batch, lot.

    (Adjective). Quantitative.

    (Phrase). To the tune of.

  3. Relative quantity.
  4. Degree (Substantives), grade, extent, measure, ratio, stint, standard, height, pitch, reach, amplitude, magnitude, water, range, scope, gradation, shade, tenor, compass, sphere, rank, standing, rate, way, sort.

    Point, mark, stage, step, position, peg; term 71, gradation, degree.

    Intensity, might, fullness, strength, see Conversion 144 and Limit 233.

    (Adjectives). Comparative, gradual, shading off.

    (Adverbs). By degrees, gradually, gradatim, inasmuch, pro tanto, however, howsoever, step by step, rung by rung, bit by bit, little by little, by inches, inch by inch, by slow degrees, by little and little.

2°. Comparative Quantity
  • Sameness of quantity or degree.
  • Equality (Substantives), parity, co-extension, evenness, equipoise, level, balance, equivalence, equipollence, equilibrium, poise, equiponderance, par, quits, tie.

    Equalisation, equation, equilibration, co-ordination, adjustment, symmetry.

    A drawn game or battle, a dead heat, a draw.

    A match, peer, compeer, equal, mate, fellow, brother, etc. 17, a make-weight.

    (Verbs). To be equal, etc., to equal, match, come up to, keep pace with; come to, amount to, balance, cope with.

    (Phrases). To be or lie on a level with, to come to the same thing.

    To render equal, equalise, level, balance, equate, trim, dress, adjust, poise, square; to readjust, equipoise, equilibrate, set against.

    (Phrases). To strike a balance; to establish or restore equality; to stretch on the bed of Procrustes; to cry quits.

    (Adjectives). Equal, even, quit, level, coequal, co-ordinate, equivalent, tantamount, convertible, equipollent, equiponderant, equiponderous, square.

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