• Decomposition (Substantives), disjunction, analysis, resolution, dissolution, catalysis, corruption 653.
  • (Verbs). To decompose, disembody, analyse, decompound, resolve, take to pieces, separate into its elements, dissect, unravel, etc., break up.

    (Adjectives). Decomposed, etc., catalytic, analytic, analytical, corrupted, dissolved.

4°. Concrete Quantity
  • Whole (Substantives), totality, integrity, entireness, entirety, ensemble, collectiveness, individuality, unity 87, indivisibility, indiscerptibility, indissolubility; integration.
  • All, the whole, total, aggregate, integer, gross, amount, sum, sum total, tout ensemble, upshot, alpha and omega, root and branch, head and shoulders, neck and heels, trunk, hull, skeleton, hulk, lump, heap 72.

    The principal part, bulk, mass, tissue, staple, body, compages, the main, the greater part, major part, essential part, best part, any part, aught, marrow, soul of, pith, nucleus 642.

    (Phrases). Lion's share; Benjamin's mess.

    (Verbs). To form or constitute a whole, to integrate, embody, aggregate, amass 72, to amount to, come to.

    (Adjectives). Whole, total, integral, entire, one, unbroken, uncut, undivided, seamless, individual, unsevered, unclipped, uncropped, unshorn. undiminished, undemolished, undissolved, unbruised, undestroyed, indivisible, indissoluble, indissolvable, indiscerptible.

    Wholesale, sweeping.

    (Adverbs). Wholly, altogether, totally, entirely, all, all in all, as a whole, wholesale, in the mass, en masse, in the lump, on the whole, in toto, in the gross, in extenso, in the bulk, to the full, throughout, every inch.

    (Phrases). The long and short of it; nearly or almost all; head and shoulders; neck and heels; in the long run; in the main; neck and crop; from end to end; from beginning to end; from first to last; from head to foot; from top to toe; fore and aft; from alpha to omega; the whole boiling.

  • Part (Substantives), portion, item, division, subdivision, section, chapter, verse, sector, segment, fraction, fragment, frustum, detachment, piece, bit, scrap, whit, aught, morsel, mouthful, scantling, cantle, cantlet, slip, crumb, fritter, rag, tag, shred, shive, tatter, splinter, snatch, flitter, cut, cutting, snip, snippet, snick, collop, slice, chip, chipping, shiver, sliver, matchwood, spillikin, smithereens, driblet, clipping, paring, shaving, débris, odds and ends, oddments, sundries, detritus, scale, lamina, shadow, flotsam and jetsam, pickings.
  • Part and parcel, share, instalment, contingent, dividend, dose, particular, article, chapter, clause, count, paragraph.

    Member, limb, lobe, lobule, arm, branch, scion, bough, joint, link, ramification 256, twig, bush, spray, sprig, offshoot, leaf, leaflet, stump, stub, torso.

    (Verbs). To part, divide, subdivide, break, etc. 44; to partition, parcel out, portion, apportion 786; to ramify, branch, branch out.

    (Adjectives). Part, fractional, fragmentary, scrappy, lobular, sectional, aliquot, divided, multifid, partitioned, etc., isomeric.

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