(Phrase). Experto crede.

  1. Ignorance (Substantives), nescience, unacquaintance, unconsciousness, darkness, blindness, incomprehension, incognisance, inexperience, emptiness.
  2. (Phrases). Crass ignorance; monumental ignorance; tabula rasa; terra incognita.

    Imperfect knowledge, smattering, sciolism, glimmering; bewilderment, perplexity; incapacity.

    Affectation of knowledge, pedantry, dilettantism.

    (Verbs). To be ignorant, etc., not to know, to know not, to know not what, not to be aware of, to be at a loss, to be out of it, to be at fault, to ignore, to be blind to, etc., not to understand, etc.

    (Phrases). To be caught trip-scholarship, ping; not to know what to make of; to know nothing of; not to be able to make head or tail of; not to know a hawk from a handsaw; to lose one's bearings.

    (Adjectives). Ignorant, unknowing, unconscious, unaware, unwitting, witless, a stranger to, unacquainted, unconversant, unenlightened, unilluminated, incognisant, unversed, uncultivated, in the dark.

    Uninformed, uninstructed, untaught, unapprised, untutored, unschooled, unguided.

    Shallow, superficial, green, verdant, rude, half-learned, illiterate, unread, uneducated, unlearned, uncultured, Philistine, unlettered, empty-headed, rude, having a smattering, etc., pedantic.

    Confused, puzzled, bewildered, bemused, muddled, bemuddled, lost, benighted, belated, at sea, at fault, posed, blinded, abroad, distracted, in a maze, hood-winked, in the dark, at a loss, désorienté, caught tripping.

    (Phrases). Having a film over the eyes; au bout de son Latin; having no idea of.

    Unknown, novel, unapprehended, unexplained, unascertained, uninvestigated, unexplored, untravelled, uncharted, chartless, unheard of, unperceived, unknowable.

    (Adverbs). Ignorantly, unwittingly, unawares; for anything one knows; for aught one knows.

    (Phrase). A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  3. Scholar (Substantives), savant, scientist, humanist, intellectual, pundit, schoolman, professor, lecturer, graduate, doctor, gownsman, philosopher, philomath, clerk, encyclopèdist.
  4. Linguist; littérateur, literati, dilettanti, illuminati, intelligentsia.

    Pedant, pedagogue, bookworm, helluo librorum, bibliomaniac, blue - stocking, bas - bleu, high-brow, big-wig, bookman.

    (Phrases). Man of letters; man of learning; at the feet of Gamaliel; a walking dictionary.

  5. Ignoramus (Substantives), sciolist, smatterer, novice, greenhorn, half - scholar, schoolboy, booby, dunce 501; bigot 481; doctrinaire, ideologist, visionary; Philistine, obscurant, obscurantist.
  6. (Adjectives). Bookless, shallow 499, ignorant, etc. 491, prejudiced 481, obscurantist.

  7. Object of knowledge.
  8. Truth (Substantives). verity, actual existence 1, reality, fact, matter of fact, actuality, nature, principle, orthodoxy, gospel, substantiality, genuineness, authenticity.

    Accuracy, exactness, exactitude, precision, preciseness, nicety, delicacy, fineness, strictness, rigour, punctuality.

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