Words Expressing Abstract Relations

Section II.—Relation

1°. Absolute Relation
  1. Relation (Substantives), bearing, reference, standing, concern, cognation, correlation, analogy, affinity, homology, alliance, homogeneity, association, approximation, filiation, affiliation, etc. 166, interest, habitude; relativity.
  2. Relevancy, pertinency, fitness, etc. (646 and 23).

    Aspect, point of view, comparison 464; ratio, proportion.

    Link, tie 45, homologue.

    (Verbs). To be related, have a relation, etc., to relate to, refer to, have reference to, bear upon, regard, concern, touch, affect, have to do with, pertain to, belong to, appertain to, answer to, interest.

    To bring into relation with, connect, affiliate, link 43, bring near 197, homologise; to bring to bear upon.

    (Adjectives). Relative, correlative, cognate, relating to, relative to, relevant, in relation with, referable to, pertinent (see 23), germane, belonging to, pat, to the point, apposite, to the purpose, apropos, ad rem, in loco, just the thing, quite the thing; pertaining to, appertaining to, appurtenant, affiliated, allied, related, implicated, connected. associated, bound up with, homological, homologous.

    Approximate, approximative, approximating, proportional, proportionate, proportionable, allusive, comparable 23, like, similar 17.

    (Adverbs). Relatively, thereof, as to, about, connecting, concerning, touching, anent, as relates to, with relation to, relating to, as respects, with respect to, in respect of, respecting, as regards, with regard to, regarding, in the matter of, with reference to, according to, while speaking of, apropos of, in connection with, inasmuch as, whereas, in consideration of, in point of, as far as, on the part of, on the score of, quoad hoc, in re; pertinently, etc.

    In various ways, in all manner of ways, in all respects, everyway, under the head, category, class, etc., of 75.

  3. Want or absence of relation.
  4. Irrelation (Substantives), disconnection, dissociation, disassociation, misrelation, independence, isolation 44, multifariousness, disproportion; incommensurability, irrelevancy; heterogeneity, irreconcilableness 24, impertinence.

    (Verbs). To have no relation with, or to, to have nothing to do with, not to concern, etc., not to admit of comparison.

    To isolate, separate, detach, disconnect, segregate 44.

    (Adjectives). Irrelative, irrespective, unrelated, without reference, etc., to, arbitrary, episodic, remote, far- fetched, out of place, out of tune 414, inharmonious, malapropos, irrelevant, foreign to, alien, impertinent, extraneous to, strange to, stranger to, independent, incidental, outlandish, exotic, unallied, unconnected, disconnected, unconcerned, adrift, isolated, insular.

    Not comparable, incommensurable, inapplicable 24, irreconcilable, heterogeneous 83, unconformable.

    (Phrases). Foreign to the purpose; nothing to the purpose; having nothing to do with; beside the question; neither here nor there; beside the mark; à propos des bottes; brought in by the head and shoulders.

    (Adverbs). Parenthetically, by the way, by the by, obiter dicta, en passant, incidentally.

  5. Relations of kindred.

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