Words Expressing Abstract Relations

Section IV.—Order

1°. Order in General
  1. Order (Substantives), regularity, orderliness, uniformity, even tenor, symmetry.
  2. (Phrase). Lucidus ordo.

    Gradation, progression, pedigree, line, descent, subordination, course, array, routine.

    Method, disposition, arrangement, system, economy, discipline, plan.

    Rank, station, hierarchy, place, status, stand, scale, step, stage, period, term 71, footing; rank and file.

    (Verbs). To be, or become in order, to form, form fours, fall in, arrange itself, place itself, range itself, fall into its place, fall into rank.

    (Adjectives). Orderly, regular, in order, arranged, etc. 60, in its proper place, tidy, shipshape, en règle, well regulated, methodical, business-like, uniform, symmetrical, systematic, unconfused, undisturbed. untangled, unruffled, unravelled, still, etc. 265.

    (Phrase). In apple-pie order.

    (Adverbs). Systematically, etc., in turn, in its turn.

    Step by step, by regular steps, gradations, stages, periods, or intervals, periodically 138.

    At stated periods 138, gradatim, seriatim.

  3. Absence, or want of Order, etc.
  4. Disorder (Substantives), irregularity, asymmetry, anomaly, confusion, confusedness, disarray, jumble, huddle, litter, lumber, farrago, mess, muddle, mix-up, upset, hodge - podge, hugger-mugger, anarchy, anarchism, imbroglio, chaos, tohu-bohu, omnium gatherum 41, disjecta membra.

    Complexedness, complexity, complication, intricacy, intricateness, implication, perplexity, involution, ravelling, entanglement, knot, coil, skein, sleave, Gordian knot.

    (Phrase). Wheels within wheels.

    Turmoil, mêlée, tumult, ferment, stew, fermentation, pudder, pother, riot, rumpus, scramble, fracas, vortex, whirlpool, maelstrom, hurly-burly, bear-garden, Babel, Saturnalia, pandemonium.

    Tumultuousness, riotousness, inquietude 173.

    (Phrases). Rudis indigestaque moles; confusion worse confounded; most admired disorder; concordia discors; hell broke loose.

    A pretty kettle of fish; all the fat in the fire; le diable è quatre; the devil to pay.

    Derangement 61, inversion of order.

    Topsy - turvy 218, hocuspocus.

    (Phrases). The cart before the horse; hysteron proteron.

    (Verbs). To be out of order, irregular, disorderly, etc., to ferment, misplace.

    To put out of order 61.

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