(Adverbs). Partly, in part, partially, piecemeal, in detail, part by part, by driblets, bit by bit, by inches, inch by inch, foot by foot, drop by drop, in lots.

  • Completeness (Substantives), entirety, fullness, completion 729, perfection 650, solidity, stop - gap, makeweight, padding, filling up, integration, absoluteness, sufficiency.
  • Complement, supplement 39.

    (Verbs). To be complete, etc., suffice 639.

    To render complete or whole, to complete, exhaust, perfect, finish, make up, fill up, make good, piece out, eke out.

    (Phrases). To give the last finish; to supply deficiencies; to go the whole length; to go the whole hog; to ring the changes; to thrash out.

    (Adjectives). Complete, entire, absolute, perfect, full, plenary, solid, undivided, with all its parts, supplementary, adscititious, thorough, exhaustive, searching.

    (Adverbs). Completely, entirely, to the full, outright, thoroughly (see 31), in toto, toto cœlo, in all respects, etc.

    (Phrases). De fond en comble; à fond; ne plus ultra; from first to last; from beginning to end; ab ovo usque ad mala; à outrance.

  • Incompleteness (Substantives), deficiency, defectiveness, unreadiness, defalcation, failure, imperfection 651, hollowness, patchiness.
  • Part wanting, omission, defect, deficit, ullage, caret, hiatus 198.

    (Verbs). To be incomplete, etc., to fail, fall short 304.

    To dock, lop, mutilate, garble, truncate, castrate 38.

    (Adjectives). Incomplete, imperfect, defective, deficient, wanting, failing, short by, hollow, meagre, insufficient, half-baked, scrappy, patchy.

    Mutilated, garbled, docked, lopped, truncate, castrated.

    (Phrase). Cetera desunt.

  • Composition (Substantives), constitution, constituency, crasis.
  • Inclusion, admission, comprehension, reception.

    Inclusion in a class 76.

    (Verbs). To be composed of, to consist of, be made of, formed of, made up of, be resolved into.

    To contain, include, hold, comprehend, take in, admit, embrace, involve, implicate.

    To compose, constitute, form, make, make up, fill up, build up, put together, embody.

    To enter into the composition of, to be or form part of 51, to merge in, be merged in.

    (Adjectives). Comprehending, containing, including, comprising, etc.

    Component, constituent, formative, forming, constituting, composing, etc., entering into, being or forming part of, etc., belonging to, appertaining to, inclusive.

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