Meeting, rencontre 292.

    (Verbs). To be near, etc., to adjoin, hang about, trench on, border upon, stand by, approximate, tread on the heels of, cling to, clasp, hug, get near, etc., to approach 287, to meet 290.

    To bring near, to crowd, pack, huddle together.

    (Adjectives). Near, nigh, close, close at hand, neighbouring, proximate, approximate, adjacent, adjoining, intimate, bordering upon, close upon, hard upon, trenching on, treading on the heels of, verging on, at hand, handy, near the mark, home, at the point of, near run, in touch with, nearish.

    (Adverbs) Near, nigh, hard by, fast by, close to, next door to, within reach, within call, within hearing, within an ace of, close upon, at hand, on the verge of, near the mark, in the environs, etc., at one's elbow, at close quarters, within range, pistolshot, a stone's throw, etc., cheek by jowl, beside, alongside, at the heels of, at the threshold.

    About, hereabouts, thereabouts, in the way, in presence of, in round numbers, approximately, as good as, à peu près, see 32.

  1. Interval (Substantives), interspace, see Discontinuity 70, break, gap, opening 260, chasm, hiatus, cèsura, interstice, lacuna, cleft, foss, mesh, crevice, chink, creek, cranny, crack, slit, fissure, scissure, chap, rift, flaw, gash, cut, leak, dike 350, ha-ha, fracture, solution of continuity, breach, rent, oscitation, gaping, yawning, pandiculation, insertion 300, gorge, defile, ravine, canyon (or cañon), crevasse, chimney, couloir, bergschrund, gulf, gully, frith, furrow, see 259.
  2. Thing interposed, ago-between, interjacence 228.

    (Verbs). To separate 44, gape.

  3. Contiguity (Substantives), contact, proximity, apposition, no interval, juxtaposition, touching, tangency, tangent, osculation, meeting 292, syzygy, coincidence, register, coexistence, adhesion 46.
  4. Confine, frontier, demarcation 233, border.

    (Verbs). To be contiguous, etc., to touch, meet, adhere 46, osculate, coincide, register, coexist, abut on, graze, border.

    (Adjectives). Contiguous, touching, bordering on, meeting, in contact, conterminous, osculating, osculatory, tangential, proximate.

    (Phrases). Hand to hand; end to end; tête-à-tête; next door to; in juxtaposition, apposition, etc.; in register.

2°. Linear Dimensions
  • Length (Substantives), longitude, span, stretch.
  • A line, bar, rule, stripe, spoke, radius.

    Lengthening, elongation, prolongation, production, producing, protraction, tension, stretching.

    (Verbs). To be long, etc., to extend to, reach, stretch to.

    To render long, lengthen, extend, elongate, prolong, produce, stretch, draw out, protract, spin out, drawl.

    (Phrase). To drag its slow length along.

    (Adjectives). Long, longsome, lengthy, tedious, tiresome, wiredrawn, outstretched, lengthened, produced, etc., alexandrine, sesquipedalian, interminable, unending, there being no end of.

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