Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division I.—Individual Volition

Section V.—Results of Voluntary Action
  1. Completion (Substantives), accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, fruition, execution, achievement, dispatch, work done, superstructure, finish, termination, dénouement, consummation, fait accompli, winding up, the last stroke, finishing stroke, coup de grâce, last finish, final touch, crowning touch, see End 67, Arrival 292, and Completeness 52.
  2. (Verbs). To complete, effect, perform, do, execute, go through, accomplish, fulfil, discharge, achieve, compass, effectuate, dispatch, knock off, close, terminate, conclude, finish, end 67, consummate, bring about, bring to bear, bring to pass, get through, carry through, bring through, work out, make good, carry out, wind up, dispose of, bring to a close, termination, conclusion, etc., shut up shop, bring off.

    To perfect, bring to perfection, stamp, put the seal to, polish off, crown.

    To reach, arrive 292, touch, reach, attain the goal; to run one's race.

    (Phrases). To give the last finish, or finishing touch; to put the last, or finishing hand to; to get in the harvest; to carry into execution; to be through with; to get it over; to deliver the goods.

    (Adjectives). Completing, final, terminal, concluding, conclusive, crowning, etc., done, completed, wrought, high-wrought.

    (Phrases). The race being run; finis coronat opus; actum est.

    (Adverbs). Completely, etc. 52, out of hand, effectually, with a vengeance, with a witness.

  3. Non-completion (Substantives), inexecution, shortcoming 304, non-performance, neglect; incompleteness 53; a drawn battle or game, a draw, a stalemate.
  4. (Phrase). The work of Penelope.

    (Verbs). Not to complete, perform, etc., to fall short of, leave unfinished, etc., neglect, leave undone, etc., draw.

    (Phrases). To scotch the snake, not kill it; hang fire; do by halves.

    (Adjectives). Not completed, etc., uncompleted, incomplete, unfinished, left undone 53, short, unaccomplished, unperformed, unexecuted.

    In progress, in hand, proceeding, going on, on the stocks.

    (Adverb). Re infecta.

  5. Success (Substantives), successfulness, speed, thrift, advance, luck, good fortune 734, godsend, prize, trump-card, hit; stroke; lucky or fortunate hit; bold stroke, master-stroke, coup de maître, knock-out blow, checkmate, see Skill 698, time well spent.
  6. Continued success, run of luck, tide, flood, high tide, heyday.

    (Phrase). The course running smooth.

    Advantage over, the upper hand, the whip-hand, ascendancy, mastery, conquest, sub-dual, victory, subjugation, triumph, exultation, etc. 884.

    A conqueror, victor.

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