1. Relinquishment (Substantives), dereliction, abandonment 782, renunciation, desertion 607, discontinuance 681.
  2. Dispensation, riddance.

    (Verbs). To relinquish, give up; lay, set, or put aside; drop, abandon, renounce, waive, desist from, desert, leave, leave off, back out of, quit, throw up, chuck up, give over, forsake, throw over, forswear, swerve from 279, put away, discontinue 681.

    (Phrases). To drop all idea of; to think better of it; to wash one's hands of; to turn over a new leaf; to throw up the game or the cards; to have other fish to fry; to draw in one's horns; to lay on the shelf.

    To give warning; to give notice.

    (Adjectives). Relinquishing, etc., relinquished, etc., unpursued.

    (Interjections). Hands off! keep off! forbear! avast!

  3. Business (Substantives), affair, concern, task, work, job, stunt, errand, agenda, commission, office, charge, part, duty, rôle; a press of business.
  4. Province, department, beat, mission, function, vocation, calling, avocation, profession, occupation, cloth, faculty, trade, industry, craft, mystery, walk, race, career, walk of life, mètier.

    Place, post, orb, sphere, capacity, employment, engagement, exercise, occupation; situation, undertaking 676.

    (Verbs). To carry on or run a business, trade, etc.

    (Phrases). To have to do with; have on one's hands; betake oneself to; occupy or concern oneself with; go in for; have on one's shoulders; make it one's business; go to do; act a part; perform the office of or functions of; to enter or take up a profession; drive a trade; spend time upon; busy oneself with, about, etc.

    (Adjectives). Business-like, official, functional, professional, in hand.

    (Adverbs). On hand, on foot, afoot, afloat, going.

    (Phrase). In the swim.

  5. Plan (Substantives), scheme, device, design, project, proposal, proposition.
  6. Line of conduct, game, card, course, tactics, strategy, policy, polity 692, craft, practice, campaign, gambit.

    Intrigue, cabal, plot, conspiracy, complot, machination, coup d'état.

    Measure, step, precaution, proceeding, procedure, process, system, economy, organisation, expedient, resource, contrivance, artifice, shift, makeshift, gadget, stop-gap, manœuvre, stratagem, fetch, trick, dodge, machination, intrigue, stroke, stroke of policy, master-stroke, great gun, trump card.

    Alternative, loophole, counterplot, counter-project, side-wind, last resort, dernier ressort, pis-aller.

    Sketch, outline, programme, draught (or draft), scenario, ébauche, rough draught, skeleton, forecast, prospectus, carte du pays.

    After-course, after-game, after-thought, arrière-pensée, under-plot.

    A projector, designer, schemer, contriver, organiser, entrepreneur, artist, schematist, intriguant.

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