(Phrases). Infirm of purpose; without ballast.

    Weak, feeble-minded, frail, soft, pliant, giddy, volatile, fitful, frothy, freakish, lightsome, light-minded, invertebrate.

    In suspense, in doubt, see 485.

    Revocable, reversible.

    (Phrase). Waiting to see which way the cat jumps, or the wind blows.

    (Adverb). Off and on.

  1. Obstinacy (Substantives), obstinateness, wilfulness, self-will, pertinacity, pertinaciousness, pervicacity, pervicaciousness, tenacity, tenaciousness, inflexibility, doggedness, stubbornness, headiness, see Resolution 604, restiveness, contumacy, obduracy, obduration, unruliness.
  2. Intolerance, dogmatism, bigotry, opinionatedness, opiniativeness, zealotry, infatuation, monomania, indocility, intractability, intractableness 481, pig-headedness.

    An opinionist, opiniâtre, crank, stickler, zealot, dogmatist, fanatic, mule.

    A fixed idea, rooted prejudice, blind side, etc. 481.

    (Verbs). To be obstinate, etc., to persist, stickle, opiniate.

    (Phrase). To stick at nothing.

    (Adjectives). Obstinate, opinionative, opinative, opinionated, opinioned, wedded to an opinion, self-opinioned, prejudiced 481, cranky, wilful, self-willed, positive, tenacious.

    Stiff, stubborn, stark, rigid, stiff-necked, dogged, pertinacious, restive, pervicacious, dogmatic, unpersuadable, mulish, unmoved, uninfluenced, hard-mouthed, unyielding, pig-headed, wayward, intractable, haggard, headstrong, refractory, unruly, infatuated, heady, entêté, wrong - headed, cross-grained, obdurate, contumacious, fanatical, rabid, inexorable, impracticable.

    (Phrase). Obstinate as a mule.

    (Adverbs). Obstinately, etc., headlong, head-first, head-foremost, heels over head; at any rate, risk, price, cost, or sacrifice.

    (Phrases). Coûte que coûte; quand même; through thick and thin; per fas et nefas; à tort et à travers; vestigia nulla retrorsum; at all risks or hazards.

  3. Change of mind, intention, purpose, etc.
  4. Tergiversation (Substantives), retractation, recantation, revocation, revokement, reversal, palinode, volte- face, renunciation, abjuration, abjurement, relinquishment 624, repentance 950, vacillation, etc. 605.

    Going over, ratting, apostacy.

    A turn-coat, rat, Janus, renegade, apostate, trimmer, time-server, opportunist, Vicar of Bray, deserter, weathercock, etc. 605, Proteus.

    (Verbs). To change one's mind. etc., to retract, recant, revoke, unsay, take back, abjure, renounce, apostatise, relinquish, trim, straddle, veer round, change sides, rat; go over, pass, change, or skip from one side to another; back out, back down, swerve, flinch, balance.

    (Phrases). To eat one's words; turn over a new leaf; think better of it; play fast and loose; blow hot and cold; sit on the fence; box the compass; swallow the leek; eat dirt.

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