(Adjectives). Retaining, etc., retentive, tenacious.

    Unforfeited, undeprived, undisposed, uncommunicated, incommunicable.

  1. Relinquishment (Substantives), cession, abandonment 624, renunciation, surrender, rendition, riddance 776, resignation 758.
  2. (Verbs). To relinquish, give up, let go, lay aside, resign, forgo, waive, renounce, surrender, part with, get rid of, lay down, abandon, cede, yield, dispose of, divest oneself of, spare, give away, throw away, cast away, fling away, fling up, chuck up, let slip, make away with, make way for.

    (Phrase). To lay on the shelf.

    (Adjectives). Relinquished, etc., left, residuary 40, unculled.

2°. Transfer of Property
  • Transfer (Substantives), interchange, exchange, transmission, barter 794, abalienation, demise; metastasis.
  • (Verbs). To transfer, consign, make over, pass, transmit, interchange, exchange 148.

    To change hands, change from one to another, alienate, devolve.

    To dispossess, abalienate, disinherit.

    (Adjective). Alienable.

  • Giving (Substantives), bestowal, donation, accordance to, presentation, oblation, presentment, delivery, granting.
  • Cession, concession, consignment, dispensation, benefaction, charity, almsgiving.

    Gift, donation, bonus, boon, present, testimonial, presentation, fairing, benefaction, grant, offering, contribution, subscription, whip-round, donative, meed, tribute, gratuity, tip, douceur, pourboire, backsheesh, bribe, free gift, favour, bounty, largess, subsidy, allowance, endowment, charity, alms, dole, peace-offering, see Payment 807.

    Bequest, legacy, demise, dotation.

    (Phrase). Panem et circenses.

    (Verbs). To give, bestow, accord, confer, grant, concede, present, give away, deliver, deliver over, make over, consign, entrust, hand, tip, render, impart, hand over, part with, yield, dispose of, put into the hands of, vest in, assign, put in possession, settle upon, endow, subsidise.

    To bequeath, leave, demise, devise.

    To give out, dispense, deal, deal out, dole out, mete out.

    To contribute, subscribe, put up a purse, send round the hat, pay 807, spend 809.

    To furnish, supply, administer, afford, spare, accommodate with, indulge with.

    To bribe, suborn, grease the palm.

    (Adjectives). Giving, etc., given, etc., charitable, eleemosynary, tributary.

    (Phrase). Bis dat qui cito dat.

  • Receiving (Substantives), reception, acceptance, admission.

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