(Verbs). To be fatigued, etc., to droop, sink, flag, wilt, lose breath, lose wind, gasp, pant, puff, blow, yawn, drop, swoon, faint, succumb.

    To fatigue, tire, weary, fag, jade, harass, exhaust, knock up, wear out, strain, overtask, overwork, overburden, overtax, overstrain, drive, sweat.

    (Adjectives). Fatigued, tired, unrefreshed, weary, wearied, jaded, wayworn; overworked, hard-driven; done up.

    Breathless, out of breath, windless, out of wind, blown, winded, broken-winded.

    Drooping, flagging, faint, fainting, done up, knocked up, exhausted, sinking, prostrate, spent, overspent, dead-beat, fagged out.

    Worn out, played out, battered, shattered, seedy, weather-beaten, footsore, hors de combat, done for.

    (Phrases). Ready to drop; dog-tired; tired to death; on one's last legs; off one's legs; having too many irons in the fire.

    Fatiguing, etc., tiresome, irksome, wearisome, trying.

  1. Refreshment (Substantives), recovery of strength, recruiting, repair, refection, refocillation, relief, bracing, regalement, restoration, revival.
  2. (Phrase). A giant refreshed.

    (Verbs). To refresh, recruit, repair, refocillate, give tone, restore, recover.

    To recover, regain, renew, etc., one's strength.

    (Adjectives). Refreshing, etc., refreshed, etc., untired, unwearied, etc. 682.

  3. Agent (Substantives), doer, performer, operator, hand, employee, commissionaire, executor, maker, effector, consignee, midwife, middleman, jobber.
  4. Artist, workman, workwoman, charwoman, worker, artisan, artificer, architect, handicraftsman, mechanic, machinist, manufacturer, practitioner, operative, journeyman, labourer, navvy, stevedore, docker, smith, wright, day-labourer, co-worker; dramatis personè.

    Bee, ant, worker-bee, drudge, fag, man or maid of all work, factotum, handy-man.

    (Phrase). "Quorum pars magna fui."

  5. Workshop (Substantives), laboratory, manufactory, mill, works, factory, mint, forge, stithy, loom, cabinet, office, bureau, studio, atelier, hive, hive of industry, workhouse, nursery, hothouse, hotbed, kitchen, dock, slip, yard, foundry, furnace.
  6. Crucible, alembic, cauldron, matrix.

2°. Complex Voluntary Action
  • Conduct (Substantives), course of action, practice, procedure, transaction, dealing, ways, tactics, policy, polity, generalship, statesmanship, economy, strategy, husbandry, seamanship, housekeeping, housewifery, ménage, régime, modus operandi, economy.
  • Execution, manipulation, handling, treatment, process, working-out, course, campaign, career, walk.

    Behaviour, deportment, comportment, carriage, maintien, demeanour, bearing, manner, observance.

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