Shiftless, improvident, thoughtless, unthrifty.

    Unpremeditated, off-hand 612, from hand to mouth, extempore 111.

  • Essay (Substantives), trial, experiment 463, probation, venture, adventure, tentative, ballon d'essai, coup d'essai, random shot, speculation.
  • (Verbs). To try, essay, make trial of, try on, experiment, make an experiment, grope, feel one's way, tâtonner; to venture, adventure, speculate, take upon oneself.

    (Phrases). To put out or throw out a feeler; pick one's way; to send up a pilot balloon; to fish for information, compliments, etc.; to chance it; to risk it.

    (Adjectives). Essaying, etc., experimental, tentative, empirical, on trial, probative, probatory, probationary, attempting, endeavouring.

    (Adverbs). Experimentally, etc., à tâtons, at a venture.

  • Undertaking (Substantives), enterprise, emprise, endeavour, attempt, move, first move, the initiative, first step, see Beginning 66, début, embarkation.
  • (Verbs). To undertake, take in hand, set about, go about, set to, fall to, set to work, engage in, launch into, embark in, plunge into, take on, set one's hand to, tackle, grapple with, volunteer, take steps, launch out.

    To endeavour, strive, use one's endeavours; to attempt, make an attempt, tempt.

    To begin, set on foot, set agoing, take the first step.

    (Phrases). To break the neck of the business; take the initiative; to break ground; break the ice; break cover; to pass the Rubicon; to take upon oneself; to take on one's shoulders; ce n'est que le premier pas qui coûte; well begun is half done.

    To take the bull by the horns; to rush in medias res; to have too many irons in the fire; to attempt impossibilities.

    (Adverbs). Undertaking, attempting, etc.

  • Use (Substantives), employment, employ, application, appliance, adhibition, disposal, exercise.
  • Recourse, resort, avail, service, conversion to use, utilisation.

    Agency 170; usefulness 644.

    (Verbs). To use, make use of, utilise, exploit, employ 134, apply, adhibit, dispose of, work, wield, put to use; turn or convert to use; avail oneself of, resort to, recur to, take up with, betake oneself to.

    (Phrases). To take advantage of; to turn to account; to make the most of; to make the best of; to bring to bear upon; to fall back upon; to press or enlist into the service; to make shift with; make a cat's-paw of; milk.

    To render useful, serviceable, available, etc.; to utilise, draw, call forth, tax, task, try, exert, exercise, work up, consume, absorb, expend.

    To practise, ply.

    (Phrases). To pull the strings or wires; put in action; set to work; set in motion; put in practice.

    To be useful, to serve one's turn, etc., see 644.

    (Adjectives). Used, employed, etc., applied, exercised, tried, etc.

  • Disuse (Substantives), forbearance, abstinence, dispensation, desuetude.

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