Propulsion 284: Science of mechanic forces, Dynamics.

    (Verbs). To impel, push, give impetus, etc., drive, urge, hurtle, boom, thrust, elbow, shoulder, jostle, justle, hustle, shove, jog, jolt, encounter, collide, clash, cannon, foul.

    To strike, knock, tap, slap, dab, pat, slam, hit, bat, putt, rap, prod, jerk, dig, cuff, smite, butt against, impinge, thump, bethump, beat, bang, punch, thwack, whack, lay into, shin, slog, clout, wipe, swipe, batter, dowse, baste, pummel, pelt, patter, drub, buffet, belabour, cane, whip, etc. (see 972), poke at, hoof, jab, pink, lunge, kick, recalcitrate.

    To throw, etc., see Propel 284, to set going, mobilise.

    (Adjectives). Impelling, etc., impulsive, impellent, impelled, etc., booming, dynamic, dynamical.

  • Recoil (Substantives), retroaction, revulsion, reaction, rebound, repercussion, ricochet, rebuff, reverberation, reflux, springing back, etc., ducks and drakes.
  • A boomerang, spring, etc., see Elasticity 325.

    (Verbs). To recoil, react, spring back, fly back, bound back, rebound, reverberate, repercuss.

    (Adjectives). Recoiling, etc., on the recoil, etc., refluent, repercussive.

4°. Motion with reference to Direction
  • Direction (Substantives), bearing, course, route, bent, inclination, drift, tenor, tendency, incidence, set, leaning, bending, trend, dip, steerage, tack, steering, aim, collimation.
  • A line, bee-line, path, road, aim, range, quarter, point of the compass, rhumb, azimuth, line of collimation.

    (Verbs). To tend towards, go to, point to, or at; trend, verge, incline, conduct to, determine.

    To make for, or towards, aim at, take aim, level at, steer for, keep or hold a course, be bound for, bend one's steps towards, direct or shape one's course.

    To ascertain one's direction, orientate oneself, to see which way the wind blows.

    (Adjectives). Directed, etc., determinate, point-to-point.

    (Adverbs). Towards, to, versus, thither, directly, straight, point-blank, before the wind, near the wind, close to the wind, whither, in a line with, as the crow flies.

    In all directions, quaquaversum, in all manner of ways.

  • Deviation (Substantives), swerving, aberration, obliquation, ambages, warp, bending, refraction, sidling, side-slip, straying, straggling, warping, etc., digression, circuit, detour, departure from, divergence 291, desultory motion; googly.
  • Motion sideways, side-step.

    (Verbs). To alter one's course, divert, deviate, depart from, turn, bend, swerve, break, switch, skid, side- slip, zoom, jib, shift, warp, stray, straggle, sidle, diverge 291, digress, wander, meander, veer, tack, turn aside, turn a corner, turn away from, face about, wheel, wheel about, steer clear of, ramble, rove, go astray, step aside, shunt, side-track.

    (Phrases). To fly off at a tangent; to face to the right-about.

    To go out of one's way; to lose one's way.

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