(Phrases). On a par with; on a level with; much of a muchness; as broad as long; as good as; pretty well; up to the mark; up to the scratch; six of one and half a dozen of the other; tarred with the same brush; diamond cut diamond.

    Rendered equal, made equal, equalised, equated, drawn, poised, levelled, balanced, symmetrical, trimmed, dressed.

    (Adverbs). Pari passu, equally, symmetrically, ad eundem, ceteris paribus, practically, to all intents and purposes, neck and neck.

  • Difference of quantity or degree.
  • Inequality (Substantives), disparity, imparity, odds, handicap, bisque, difference 15, unevenness.

    Preponderance, preponderation, inclination of the balance, advantage, prevalence, partiality.

    Superiority 33, a casting weight.

    Shortcoming, see 304.

    (Verbs). To be unequal, etc., to preponderate, outweigh, outbalance, overbalance, prevail, countervail, predominate, overmatch, outmatch, see 33.

    (Phrases). To have or give the advantage; to turn the scale; to kick the beam; to topple over.

    To fall short of, to want 304, not to come up to.

    (Adjectives). Unequal, uneven, disparate, partial, unbalanced, overbalanced, top-heavy, lopsided, preponderating, outweighing, prevailing.

    (Phrases). More than a match for; above par; below par; haud passibus œquis.

  • Mean (Substantives), medium, intermedium, compromise, average, balance, middle 68, via media, juste milieu.
  • Neutrality, middle course, shuffling.

    (Phrases). The golden mean; the average man; the man in the street.

    (Verbs). To compromise, pair off, cancel.

    (Phrases). To sit on the fence; split the difference; strike a balance; take the average; reduce to a mean; to take a safe course.

    (Adjectives). Mean, intermediate, middle, average, ordinary 82, neutral.

    (Adverb Phrases). On an average; in the long run; half-way; taking the one with the other; taking all things together; taking all in all; one year with another; communibus annis.

  • Compensation (Substantives), equation, indemnification, neutralisation, counteraction.
  • (Phrases). Measure for measure; tit for tat.

    A set-off, offset, makeweight, casting-weight, counterpoise, amends, equivalent, a quid pro quo. See Counteraction 179, Recoil 277, Atonement 952.

    (Verbs). To compensate, make up for, indemnify, countervail, counterpoise, balance, compromise, outbalance, overbalance, counterbalance, set off, hedge, redeem, neutralise (see 27), cover.

    (Phrases). To make good; split the difference; fill up; make amends.

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