A drunkard, sot, toper, tippler, hard drinker, bibber, winebag, winebibber, dram-drinker, soaker, sponge, tun, toss-pot, reveller, carouser, Bacchanal, Bacchanalian, Bacchante, a devotee to Bacchus; a dipsomaniac.

    (Verbs). To drink, tipple, tope, booze; to guzzle, swill, carouse, get drunk, etc.; to take to drinking, etc., to drink hard, to drink deep.

    To inebriate, intoxicate, fuddle.

    (Phrases). To get into the head; to take a drop too much; to drink like a fish; to splice the main-brace; to crook or lift the elbow.

    (Adjectives). Drunk, drunken, tipsy, intoxicated, in liquor, inebriated, fuddled, mellow, boozy, fou, fresh, flush, flushed, flustered, groggy, top-heavy, pot-valiant, glorious, overcome, overtaken, elevated, whittled, screwed, corned, raddled, sewed up, lushy, squiffy, muddled, muzzy, maudlin, dead-drunk, disguised, tight, beery.

    Bibacious, bibulous, sottish, bacchanal, bacchanalian.

    (Phrases). In one's cups; inter pocula; the worse for liquor; having a drop too much; half-seas-over; three sheets in the wind; under the table; drunk as a piper; drunk as a fiddler; drunk as a lord; drunk as an owl; drunk as David's sow.

  • Purity (Substantives), modesty, decency, decorum, delicacy, continence, chastity, honesty, pudency.
  • A vestal, a virgin, a Joseph, Hippolytus, Lucrece.

    (Adjectives). Pure, modest, delicate, decent, decorous.

    Chaste, continent, virtuous, Platonic, honest.

    (Phrase). The white flower of a blameless life.

  • Impurity (Substantives), immodesty, grossness, coarseness, indelicacy, impropriety, impudicity, indecency, obscenity, ribaldry, smut, obsceneness, smuttiness, bawdiness, bawdry, double entendre, equivoque, pornography.
  • Concupiscence, lust, carnality, flesh, salacity, lewdness, prurience, lechery, lasciviousness, voluptuousness, lubricity.

    Incontinence, intrigue, faux pas, gallantry, debauchery, libertinism, libertinage, fornication, liaison, wenching, concubinage, hetèrism.

    Seduction, defloration, violation, rape, adultery, crim. con., incest, harlotry, stupration, procuration, white slave traffic.

    A seraglio, harem, brothel, bagnio, stew, bawdy-house, lupanar.

    (Phrase). The morals of the farmyard.

    (Verbs). To intrigue, etc., to debauch, prostitute, procure.

    (Adjectives). Impure, immodest, indecorous, indelicate, unclean, unmentionable, unseemly, improper, suggestive, indecent, loose, coarse, gross, broad, equivocal, risky, risqué, high-seasoned, nasty, smutty, scabrous, ribald, obscene, bawdy, lewd, pornographic, Rabelaisian, Aristophanic.

    Concupiscent, prurient, lickerish, rampant, carnal, fleshly, sensual, lustful, lascivious, lecherous, libidinous, erotic, ruttish, salacious, Paphian.

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