(Phrases). To draw in one's horns; to take a back seat.

    (Adjectives). Modest, diffident, humble 879, timid, bashful, timorous, shy, skittish, coy, sheepish, shamefaced, blushing, self-conscious.

    Unpretending, unobtrusive, unassuming, unostentatious, unboastful, unaspiring.

    Abashed, ashamed, dashed, out of countenance, down in the mouth, chapfallen, crestfallen, dumbfounded.

    Reserved, constrained, demure, undemonstrative.

    (Adverbs). Humbly, etc., quietly, privately, unostentatiously.

    (Phrases). Without beat of drum; sans façon; sans cérémonie.

  • Ostentation (Substantives), display, show, flourish, parade, étalage, pomp, state, solemnity, pageantry, dash, splash, glitter, strut, magnificence, pomposity, showing off, swank, swagger, panache, coup de théâtre, stage-effect.
  • Flourish of trumpets, fanfare, salvo of artillery, salute, feu de joie.

    Pageant, spectacle, procession, turn-out, set-out, fête, gala, regatta, field-day.

    Ceremony, ceremonial, mummery; formality, form, etiquette, punctilio, punctiliousness, frippery, court- dress, etc.

    (Verbs). To be ostentatious, etc.; to display, prôner, exhibit, show off, swank, come forward, put oneself forward, flaunt, emblazon, prink, glitter; make or cut a figure, dash, or splash.

    To observe or stand on ceremony, etiquette, etc.

    (Adjectives). Ostentatious, showy, gaudy, garish, flashy, dashing, flaunting, jaunty, glittering, sumptuous, theatrical, histrionic.

    Pompous, solemn, stately, high-sounding, formal, stiff, ceremonious, punctilious.

    (Phrase). Ad captandum vulgus.

    (Adverbs). With flourish of trumpets, with beat of drum.

  • Celebration (Substantives), jubilee, commemoration, solemnisation, ovation, pèan, triumph.
  • Triumphal arch, bonfire, salute, salvo, feu de joie, flourish of trumpets, fanfare.

    Inauguration, installation.

    (Verbs). To celebrate, keep, signalise, do honour to, pledge, drink to, toast, commemorate, solemnise.

    To inaugurate, install.

    (Adjectives). Celebrating, etc., in honour of, in commemoration of, etc.

    (Interjections). Hail! all hail!

  • Boasting (Substantives), boast, vaunt, vaunting, brag, swank, bluff, puff, puffing, puffery, flourish, fanfaronade, gasconade, braggadocio, bravado, vapouring, rodomontade, bombast, teratology, see Exaggeration 549, self-advertisement, réclame.
  • Exultation, triumph, flourish of trumpets, fanfare, jubilation.

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