Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division II.—Intersocial Volition1

Section I.—General Intersocial Volition
  1. Authority (Substantives), influence, credit, power, prerogative, control, censorship, authoritativeness, absoluteness, despotism, absolutism, tyranny.
  2. Command, empire, sway, rule, dominion, domination, supremacy, suzerainty, lordship, seigniory, seigniorship, mastery, mastership, office, government, administration, gubernation, empire, body politic, accession.

    Hold, grasp, gripe, grip, reach, fang, clutches, talons, helm, reins.

    Reign, régime, directorship, proconsulship, prefecture, caliphate, seneschalship, magistrature, magistracy, presidency, presidentship, premiership.

    Empire, monarchy, dynasty, kinghood, kingship, royalty, regality, kingcraft, aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy, demagogy, ochlocracy, mobocracy, mob-rule, dictatorship of the proletariat, Bolshevism, mihtarism, stratocracy, imperium in imperio, dictatorship, protectorate, protectorship, directorate, directory, executive, raj, patriarchy, patriarchism.

    Vicarious authority, see 755 and 759.

    Gynarchy, gynècocracy, petticoat government, matriarchy.

    (Verbs). To have, hold, possess, or exercise authority, etc.

    To be master, etc.; to have the control, etc.; to overrule, overawe, dominate.

    To rule, govern, sway, command, control, direct, administer, lead, preside over, boss; to dictate, reign, hold the reins; to possess or be seated on the throne; to ascend or mount the throne; to sway or wield the sceptre.

    (Phrases). To have the upper hand; to have the whip-hand; to have one's own way; to rule the roast; to be cock of the roost; to have under the thumb; to keep under; to lead by the nose; to wear the breeches; to have the ball at one's feet; to play first fiddle.

    (Adjectives). Ruling, etc., regnant, dominant, authoritative, executive, administrative, official, ex officio.

    Imperial, regal, sovereign, royal, monarchical, imperatorial, princely, baronial, feudal, seigneurial, seigniorial, aristocratic, etc.; ultramontane, absolutist.

    Imperative, peremptory, overruling.

    (Adverbs). In the name of, by the authority of, in virtue of, de par le roi, at one's command, under the auspices of.

  3. Absence of authority.
  4. Laxity (Substantives), laxness, licence, licentiousness, relaxation, looseness, loosening, slackness, toleration, remission.

    Misrule, anarchy, interregnum.

    Deprivation of power, dethronement.

    Denial of authority: anarchism, nihilism.

    Anarchist, nihilist.

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