(Verbs). To succeed, to be successful, to come off successful, to be crowned with success, to come or go off well. catch on, to thrive, speed, prosper, bloom, blossom, flourish, go on well, be well off.

    To gain, attain, carry, secure, or win a point or object; to triumph, be triumphant, etc.; to surmount, overcome, conquer, master, or get over a difficulty or obstacle; to score, make a hit.

    To advance 282, come on, get on, gain ground, make one's way, make progress, progress, worry along.

    (Phrases). To strive to some purpose; to gain an advantage.

    To bring to bear, to bring about, to effect, accomplish, complete 729, make sure; to reap, gather, etc., the benefit of.

    To master, get the better of, to get the upper hand, conquer, subdue, subjugate, reduce, overthrow, overpower, vanquish, get under; get or gain the ascendancy, obtain a victory; to worst, beat, lick, floor, knock out, put down, trip up, beat hollow, checkmate, nonsuit, trip up the heels of, capsize, shipwreck, ruin, do for, victimise, put to flight, drown, etc.; to roll in the dust, to trample under foot, to mop the floor with.

    To baffle, disconcert, frustrate, discomfit, dish, foil, outgeneral, outmanœuvre, outflank, outwit, overreach, balk, outvote, circumvent, score off, catch napping.

    To answer, succeed, work well, turn out well.

    (Phrases). To sail before the wind; to swim with the tide; to stem the torrent; to turn a corner; to weather a point; to fall on one's legs or feet; se tirer d'affaire; to take a favourable turn; to turn up trumps; to have the ball at one's feet; to come off with flying colours; to win or gain the day; to win the palm; to breast the tape; to bear away the bell; to get the upper hand; to get the whip-hand of; to have on the hip; to get the start of; to have a run of luck; to make a hit; to score a success; to reap or gather the harvest; to give a good account of oneself; to carry all before one; to put to rout; to settle one's hash.

    (Adjectives). Succeeding, etc., successful, prosperous, felicitous, blooming, etc., set up, triumphant, victorious, cock-a-hoop.

    Unfoiled, unbeaten, unsubdued, etc.

    (Phrases). Flushed with success; the spoilt child of fortune.

    (Adverbs). Successfully, etc., triumphantly, with flying colours, in triumph, à merveille, to good purpose.

    (Phrase). Veni, vidi, vici.

  1. Failure (Substantives), unsuccess, non - success, disappointment, blow, frustration, discomfiture, abortion, miscarriage, lost trouble; vain, ineffectual, or abortive attempt or effort.
  2. A mistake, error, blunder, fault, miss, oversight, blot, slip, trip, stumble, claudication, breakdown, false step, wrong step, faux pas, titubation, scrape, balourdise, bévue, botch, bungle, foozle, mess, lurch, stalemate, botchery, fiasco, sad work, bad job, want of skill.

    Mischance, mishap, misfortune, misadventure, disaster.

    Repulse, rebuff, set-down, defeat, fall, downfall, rout, discomfiture, collapse, wreck, perdition, shipwreck, ruin, subjugation, overthrow, death-blow, knock-out, destruction, etc.

    A victim, bankrupt, insolvent 808.

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