• Sequel (Substantives), after-part, aftermath, suffix, successor, tail, queue, train, wake, trail, rear, retinue, suite, appendix 39, postscript, epilogue, excursus, after - piece, after-thought, second thoughts, codicil, continuation, sequela, apodosis.
  • (Phrases). More last words; to be continued.

  • Beginning (Substantives), commencement, opening, outset, incipience, inception, inchoation, initiative, overture, exordium, inauguration, onset, brunt, alpha.
  • Origin, source, rise, birth, infancy, bud, embryo, rudiment, incunabula, start, cradle, starting-point, starting- post, see Departure 293.

    Van, vanguard, title-page, heading, front 234, fore-part, head 210.

    Dawn, morning 125.

    Opening, entrance, entry, inlet, orifice, porch, portal, portico, gateway, door, gate, postern, wicket, threshold, vestibule, mouth, fauces, chops, chaps, lips.

    (Phrase). The rising of the curtain.

    (Verbs). To begin, commence, inchoate, rise, arise, originate, initiate, open, dawn, set in, take its rise, enter upon, set out 293, recommence, to undertake 676.

    To usher in, to lead off, lead the way, take the lead or the initiative; head, stand at the head, stand first; broach, set on foot, set a-going, set broach, set up, institute, launch, strike up.

    (Phrases). To make a beginning; break ground; set the ball in motion; take the initiative; break the ice; fire away; open the ball; tee off; pipe up.

    (Adjectives). Beginning, commencing, arising, initial, initiatory, initiative, incipient, proemial, inaugural, inchoate, inchoative, embryonic, primigenial, aboriginal, rudimental, nascent, natal, opening, dawning, entering.

    First, foremost, leading, heading, maiden (e.g. maiden speech).

    Begun, commenced, etc.

    (Adverbs). At, or in the beginning; first, in the first place, imprimis, first and foremost, in limine, in the bud, in embryo.

    From the beginning, ab initio; ab ovo; ab incunabulis.

  • End (Substantives), close, termination, desinence, conclusion, finish, finis, finale, period, term, terminus, last, omega, extreme, extremity, butt-end, fag-end, stub, tail, nib, after-part, rear 235, colophon, coda, tail-piece, tag, cul - de - lampe, peroration, swan-song, bonne-bouche.
  • Completion 729, winding-up, dênouement, catastrophe, consummation, finishing stroke, death-blow, coup de grâace, upshot, issue, fate, doom, Day of Judgment, doomsday.

    (Phrases). The ne plus ultra; the fall of the curtain; the turning point; "le commencementde la fin."

    (Verbs). To end, close, finish, expire, terminate, conclude; come or draw to an end, close or stop; to pass away; to give out, peter out; to run its course; to say one's say, perorate, be through with.

    To come last, bring up the rear.

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