(Adjectives). Monitory, monitive, admonitory, recommendatory, hortatory, dehortatory, exhortatory, exhortative, warning, etc.

    (Interjection). Go to!

  • Council (Substantives), conclave, court, chamber, cabinet, cabinet council, cockpit, house, committee, sub-committee, board, meeting, sitting, comitia, staff.
  • Senate, senatus, parliament, synod, soviet, convocation, congress, consistory, witenagemot, junta, states- general, diet, Cortes, Riksdag, Storthing, Reichsrat, Reichstag, Duma, Sobranje, Skupshtina, Tynewald, divan, musnud, Areopagus, sanhedrim, directory, etc.

    A meeting, assembly, sitting, session, séance, sederunt.

  • Precept (Substantives), direction, instruction, prescript, prescription, recipe, receipt, order 741.
  • Rule, lex scripta, canon, code, formula, formulary, rubric, maxim, apophthegm, etc. 496.

  • Skill (Substantives), skilfulness, cleverness, ability, talent, genius, ingenuity, calibre, capacity, shrewdness, sagacity, parts, faculty, gift, forte, strong point, turn, invention, headpiece.
  • Address, dexterity, adroitness, knack, expertness, quickness, sharpness, resourcefulness, smartness, readiness, excellence, habilitation, technique, virtuosity, artistry, ambidexterity, ambidextrousness, sleight of hand 545, knowingness.

    Qualification, proficiency, panurgy, accomplishment, acquirement, craft, mastership, seamanship, rope- dancing.

    Tact, knowledge of the world, savoir faire, discretion, finesse, worldly wisdom.

    Prudence, see Caution 864.

    Art, science, management, tactics, manœuvreing, sleight, policy, strategy, jobbery, temporisation, technology.

    A master-stroke, chef-d'èuvre, a masterpiece, tour de force, a bold stroke, coup de maître, a good hit 650.

    (Verbs). To be skilful, skilled, etc., to excel in, to specialise in, be master of; to temporise, manœuvre.

    (Phrases). To play one's cards well; to stoop to conquer; reculer pour mieux sauter; to keep one's hand in; to keep one's balance; to cut one's coat according to one's cloth; to know what one is about; to know the ropes.

    (Adjectives). Skilled, skilful, etc., clever, able, accomplished, talented, versatile, many-sided, resourceful, ingenious, inventive, shrewd, gifted, hard-headed, sagacious, sharp-witted.

    Expert, dexterous, scientific, adroit, apt, sharp, handy, deft, ready, quick, smart, slick, spry, yare, nimble, ambidextrous, fine-fingered.

    Conversant, versed, proficient, competent, qualified, good at, a dab at, up to, master of, cut out for, at home in, knowing.

    Experienced, practised, hackneyed, trained, initiated, prepared, primed, finished, schooled, thoroughbred, masterly, consummate.

    Technical, artistic, workmanlike, dèdalian, masterly, statesmanlike.

    Discreet, politic, tactful, diplomatic, sure-footed, felicitous, strategic.

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