Oblique motion: deviation 279.

    (Verbs). To diverge, divaricate, wander, stray 279, radiate, branch off, file off, draw aside.

    To spread, disperse, scatter, distribute, decentralise, diffuse, disseminate, shed, sow broadcast, broadcast, sprinkle.

    To sidle, swerve, deviate, heel.

    To part, part company, turn away from, wander from, separate.

    (Phrase). To go or fly off at a tangent.

    (Adjectives). Diverging, etc., divergent, radiant, wandering, aberring, aberrant, centrifugal.

    (Adverb). Broadcast.

  • Terminal motion at.
  • Arrival (Substantives), advent, reception, welcome, return, disembarkation, debarkation, remigration.

    Home, goal, resting - place, destination, harbour, haven, port, landing-place, terminus, station.

    Meeting, rencontre, rencounter, encounter.

    (Verbs). To arrive, get to, come, come to, reach, attain, come up with, come up to, catch up, make, fetch, overtake, overhaul.

    To light, alight, land, dismount, disembark, debark, detrain, put in, put into, visit, cast anchor.

    To come upon, light upon, pitch upon, hit, drop in, pop upon, bounce upon, plump upon, bump against, run against, run across, close with.

    (Phrase). To be in at the death.

    To come back, return, get back, get home, sit down.

    To meet, encounter, rencounter, come in contact 199.

    (Adjectives). Arriving, etc.

    (Adverbs). Here, hither.

    (Interjections). Welcome! hail! all hail! good day! good morrow! etc.

  • Initial motion from.
  • Departure (Substantives), outset, removal, exit, exodus, decampment, embarkation, flight, hegira.

    Valediction, adieu, farewell, good-bye, leave-taking, send-off.

    A starting point or post, place of departure or embarkation.

    (Phrase). The foot being in the stirrup.

    (Verbs). To depart, go, set out, set off, start, start off, issue, go forth, sally, debouch, sally forth, set forward, be off, move off, pack off, begone, get off, sheer off, clear out, vamose, absquatulate.

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