(Adjectives). Approaching, etc., approximative.

  • Motion from.
  • Recession (Substantives), retirement, withdrawal, retreat, retrocession 283, departure 293, recoil 277, decampment, flight, stampede.

    A runaway, a fugitive.

    (Verbs). To recede, go, move or fly from, retire, retreat, withdraw, come away, go or get away, draw back, shrink, move away.

    To move off, stand off, draw off, fall back, turn tail, march off, decamp, sheer off, bolt, slip away, run away, pack off, fly, remove, abscond, sneak off, slink away.

    (Phrases). To take French leave; to cut and run; take to one's heels; to hop the twig; to give leg-bail; take one's hook; sauve qui peut; the devil take the hindmost; beat a retreat; make oneself scarce; do a bolt; make tracks; cut one's lucky.

    (Adjectives). Receding, etc., fugitive, runaway 671.

  • Motion towards, actively.
  • Attraction (Substantives), drawing to, pulling towards, adduction, attractiveness.

    A loadstone, magnet.

    (Verbs). To attract, draw, pull, drag, etc., towards, adduce.

    (Adjectives). Attracting, etc., adducent, attrahent, adductive, attractive.

    (Interjections). Come! come hither! approach! come near!

  • Motion from, actively.
  • Repulsion (Substantives), push, driving from, repulse, see Impulse 276.

    (Verbs). To repel, push, drive, etc., from, drive away, send packing, send to the right-about 678, abduce.

    (Adjectives). Repelling, etc., repellent, repulsive.

    (Interjections). Begone! be off! avaunt! etc. 293.

  • Motion nearer to.
  • Convergence (Substantives), appulse, meeting, confluence, concourse, conflux, congress, concurrence, concentration.

    Resort, assemblage, synod 72, focus 74, asymptote.

    (Verbs). To converge, come together, unite, meet, fall in with, close in upon, centre in, enter in, to meet, come across.

    To gather together, unite, concentrate, etc.

    (Adjectives). Converging, etc., convergent, confluent, concurring, concurrent, centripetal, asymptotical.

  • Motion farther off.
  • Divergence (Substantives), aberration, peregrination, wandering, divarication, radiation, separation 44, dispersion, diffusion, dissemination 73.

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