To bring to an end, close, etc., to put a period, etc., to; to make an end of; to close, finish, seal, etc., to wind up, complete, achieve 729, crown, determine.

    (Phrases). To cut the matter short; to shut up shop.

    (Adjectives). Ending, closing, etc., final, terminal, desistive, definitive, crowning.

    Last, ultimate, penultimate, antepenultimate, hindermost, rear, caudal, conterminal, conterminous.

    Ended, closed, terminated, etc.

    Unbegun, fresh, uncommenced.

    (Adverbs). Once for all; finally, for good, for good and all.

  • Middle (Substantives), mean, medium, happy medium, via media, middle term, centre 223, mezzo termine, juste milieu, half-way house, nave, navel, omphalos, nucleus.
  • Equidistance, midst, equator, diaphragm, midriff; bisection 91.

    Intervenience, interjacence, intervention 228, mid-course 628.

    (Adjectives). Middle, medial, median, mean, mid, middlemost, midmost, mediate, intermediate 29, intervenient, interjacent 228, central 222, equidistant, embosomed, merged.

    Mediterranean, equatorial.

    (Adverbs). In the middle, amid, amidst, midway, amidships, midships, half-way.

    (Phrases). In the thick of; in mediis rebus.

  • Uninterrupted sequence.
  • Continuity (Substantives), consecution, succession, suite, progression, series, train, chain, catenation, concatenation, scale, gradation, course, procession, column, retinue, cortège, cavalcade, rank and file, line of battle, array, pedigree, genealogy, line-age, race.

    File, queue, echelon, line, row, range, tier, string, thread, team, tandem, suite, colonnade.

    (Verbs). To follow in a series, etc.; to form a series, etc.; to fall in.

    To arrange in a series, to marshal, etc. 60; to string together, file, thread, graduate, tabulate.

    (Adjectives). Continuous, sequent, consecutive, progressive, serial, successive, continued, uninterrupted, unbroken, entire, linear, in a line, in a row, etc., gradual, unintermitting 110.

    (Adverbs). Continuously, consecutively, etc., seriatim; in a line, in a string, in a row, series, etc., in succession, etc., running, gradually, step by step; uninterruptedly, at a stretch, at one go.

    (Phrase). In Indian file.

  • Interrupted sequence.
  • Discontinuity (Substantives), interruption, pause, period, interregnum, break, interval, cut, gap, fracture, chasm, hiatus 198, cèsura, parenthesis, rhapsody, anacoluthon.

    Intermission, alternation, see Periodicity 138; a broken thread, broken melody.

    (Verbs). To be discontinuous, etc.; to alternate, intermit.

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