Sound, sterling, standard, true, genuine, household, fresh, in good condition, unfaded, unspoiled, unimpaired, uninjured, undemolished, undamaged, unravaged, undecayed, natural, unsophisticated, unadulterated, unpolluted, unvitiated.

    Choice, select, picked, nice, fine, rare, felicitous, unexceptionable, excellent, admirable, first-rate, splendid, topping, top-hole, clipping, ripping, prime, tip-top, crack, cardinal, superlative, superfine, superexcellent, pucka, exquisite, high-wrought, inestimable, invaluable, incomparable, transcendent, matchless, priceless, peerless, inimitable, unrivalled, nulli secundus, second to none, facile princeps, spotless, immaculate, perfect 650, récherché, first-class, first chop.

    Moderately good 651.

    (Phrases). Of the first water; precious as the apple of the eye; worth a Jew's eye; ne plus ultra; la crême de la crême; sound as a roach; worth its weight in gold; right as a trivet; up to the mark; an easy winner.

  • Capability of producing evil.
  • Badness (Substantives), hurtfulness, disserviceableness, injuriousness, banefulness, mischievousness, noxiousness, malignancy, venomousness, virulence, destructiveness, scathe, curse, bane 663, plague- spot.

    Vileness, foulness, rankness, depravation, depravity; Deterioration, see 659.

    (Verbs). To be bad, etc.

    To cause, produce, or inflict evil; to harm, hurt, injure, mar, damage, damnify, endamage, scathe, prejudice, stand in the light of, worsen.

    To wrong, molest, annoy, harass, infest, grieve, aggrieve, trouble, oppress, persecute, weigh down, run down, overlay.

    To maltreat, abuse, ill-use, ill-treat, bedevil, bruise, scratch, maul, mishandle, man-handle, strafe, knock about, strike, smite, scourge 972, wound, lame, maim, scotch, cripple, mutilate, hamstring, hough, stab, pierce, etc., crush, crumble, pulverise.

    To corrupt, corrode, pollute, etc. 659.

    To spoil, despoil, sweep, ravage, lay waste, devastate, dismantle, demolish, level, raze, consume, overrun, sack, plunder, destroy 162.

    (Phrases). To play the deuce with; to break the back of; crush to pieces; crumble to dust; to grind to powder; to ravage with fire and sword; to knock the stuffing out of; to queer one's pitch; to let daylight into.

    (Adjectives). Bad, evil, wrong, prejudicial, disadvantageous, unprofitable, unlucky, sinister, left-handed, obnoxious, untoward, unadvisable, inauspicious, illomened.

    Hurtful, injurious, grievous, detrimental, noxious, pernicious, mischievous, baneful, baleful.

    Morbific, rank, peccant, malignant, tabid, corroding, corrosive, virulent, cankering, mephitic, narcotic.

    Deleterious, poisonous, venomous, envenomed, pestilent, pestilential, pestiferous, destructive, deadly, fatal, mortal, lethal, lethiferous, miasmal.

    Vile, sad, wretched, sorry, shabby, scurvy, low-down 940, scrubby, shocking, horrid.

    Hateful, abominable, loathsome, detestable, execrable, cursed, accursed, confounded, damnable, diabolic, devilish, demoniacal, infernal, hellish, Satanic, villainous, depraved, shocking 898.

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