(Verbs). To be honourable, etc.; to keep one's word; to give and take; to deal honourably, squarely, impartially, fairly, etc.

    (Phrases). To give the devil his due; to put the saddle on the right horse; to play the game.

    (Adjectives). Upright, honest, honourable, fair, right, just, equitable, impartial, evenhanded, square, constant, faithful, loyal, see 944, straight.

    Trustworthy, trusty, reliable, dependable, tried, uncorrupt, straightforward, ingenuous 703, frank, open- hearted, candid.

    Conscientious, tender-conscienced, high-principled, high-minded, high-toned, scrupulous, strict, nice, punctilious, over-scrupulous, punctual, inviolable, inviolate, unviolated, unbroken, unbetrayed.

    Chivalrous, gentlemanlike, unbought, unbribed, unstained, stainless, untarnished, unsullied, untainted, unperjured 946, incorruptible.

    (Phrases). Jealous of honour; as good as one's word; sans peur et sans reproche.

    (Adverbs). Honourably, etc., bona fide; on the square.

  • Improbity (Substantives), bad faith, unfairness, infidelity, faithlessness, want of faith, dishonesty, disloyalty, falseness, falsity, one-sidedness, disingenuousness, shabbiness, littleness, meanness, caddishness, baseness, vileness, abjectness, turpitude, unreliability, untrustworthiness, insidiousness, knavery, knavishness, fraud, etc. 545.
  • Disgrace, ignominy, infamy, tarnish, blot, stain, spot, slur, pollution, derogation, degradation, etc., see Dishonour 874.

    Perfidy, perfidiousness, treason, high treason, perjury, apostasy, backsliding, breach of faith, defection, disloyalty, disaffection, foul play, double - dealing, treacherousness, treachery.

    (Phrases). The kiss of Judas; Punic faith.

    (Verbs). To be of bad faith, dishonest, etc.; to play false, break one's word, faith, etc., betray, forswear, shuffle 545.

    To disgrace oneself, derogate, stoop, demean oneself, lose caste, dishonour oneself, sneak.

    (Phrases). To seal one's infamy; to sell oneself; to go over to the enemy.

    (Adjectives). Dishonest, unfair, one-sided, fraudulent, knavish, false, faithless, unfaithful, foul, disingenuous, trothless, trustless, untrustworthy, unreliable, slippery, double, crooked, tortuous, unscrupulous, insidious, treacherous, perfidious, false-hearted, perjured, rascally.

    Base, vile, grovelling, dirty, scurvy, scabby, low, low-down, caddish, mean, paltry, pitiful, scrubby, beggarly, putid, unworthy, disgraceful, dishonourable, derogatory, low-thoughted, disreputable, unhandsome, unbecoming 925, unbefitting, ungentlemanly, unmanly, unwomanly, undignified, base-minded, recreant, low-minded, blackguard, pettifogging, underhand, underhanded, unsportsmanlike.

    (Phrases). Double - tongued; lost to shame; dead to honour; Parthis mendacior; contra bonos mores.

    (Adverbs). Dishonestly, etc., mala fide, on the crook.

  • Knave (Substantives) (see 949), blackleg, scab, trimmer, time-server, timist, turncoat, Vicar of Bray, Judas 607.

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